Takei My Breath Away

You just gotta love him!

THAT VOICE! You think George Takei hasn't carved himself a spot in pop culture immortality (the internet)? Check out the VAST and entertaining range of fellow dorks' loving tributes to his trademark catchphrase.

As an out-and-proud activist and (beautiful! sonorous!) voice for gay rights, George has embraced his singular celebrity status with grace, humor, and wit that does our entire community proud.

His unique life's journey has taken him from one of our country's darkest chapters, the forced internment of Asian Americans during WWII, to trailblazing television stardom and the joyous front lines of today's civil rights battle, marriage equality. George Takei is living American history. 

George recently participated in The Celebrity Apprentice. "Cheesy reality-tv wannabe," you say? More like, "civil rights pioneer gamely using his celebrity to spotlight important causes"! He didn't win, but he looked great & THAT VOICE is still as resonant and cello-like as ever.

Making the most of a well deserved career resurgence (remember Heroes?), Takei is Broadway-bound this year with Tony-winner Lea Salonga in Allegiance: A New Musical.

This fabulous video, taken by Nerdchick, sums up pretty succinctly why we at Geeks OUT just can't get enough Takei.


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