McKellen Me Softly Saves the Universe! Well, OK, Not Exactly, I Mean Who Knows? But It Was Awesome, So, Thank You!

McKellen Me Softly, in celebration of the epic fabulousness of Sir Ian McKellen, was a phenomenal success on every level. From the truly original works of art inspired by Sir Ian’s most famous roles and persona, to the hundreds of attendees—many new faces!, to the straight-up dollars raised, we at Geeks OUT are so amazed, so grateful, and so excited by all of it and by what it means we can do next!

The artists who participated in the show this year blew our socks off yet again and, in some cases, forever changed the way we look at wizards. If you weren’t there, marvel at their wondrous weirdness at The raffle winners were extra-thrilled to take their new treasures home at the end of the night, but EVERYONE partied, thanks in large part to Jimmy’s Diner, who generously contributed to the bar, and The Church of the Holy Apostles, our gracious host for the second year in a row. Photos of the event itself will be up soon!

Going forward, Geeks OUT will be able to carry our message farther, faster, to conventions and geeks in other cities. We’ll be able to think bigger and bolder this year, creating more original and engaging events, now that we’ve got your attention. And we’ll be able to turn that energy into real action, doing more good for the culture we love and for our community.

THANK YOU, geeks! Thank you, Sir Ian! Thank you to our volunteers and donors! We saved the entire universe and it was a marvelous party.