Make it So: Queer Trekker Couple Gets Engaged on the Enterprise at London Star Trek Con

It's the flagship of the Federation, but sometimes it's also the Love Boat. At Destination Star Trek, the large-scale Star Trek convention that ran in London till Oct. 5, Jonathan Lilley proposed to his boyfriend of two years, Tom Jenkins, in front of friends and family dressed in full TNG costume.

There's nothing cuter in the universe.

After accepting Lilley's proposal (phew), Jenkins told the London Evening Standard, "I am over the moon and completely shocked. I love John so much for what he has done and I am so thrilled and honoured we have made history today." It's thought they are the first same-sex couple—though, surely, far from the last—to get engaged at a Star Trek convention.

Lilley also told BuzzFeed that he'd been planning the surprise for months. “Star Trek has been a massive part of our relationship, it’s what we watch on a Sunday morning with breakfast in bed.”

The two nerds have been a couple for two years, ever since Lilley first plucked up the courage to say hello after admiring Jenkins's "magnificent beard and handsome eyes" during their shared London commute.

While they may have gotten engaged on the Enterprise bridge and count Sir Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard as the BEST Star Trek captain, the couple admit their heart truly belongs to Voyager's Captain Janeway.

Congratulations, you crazy kids!

on October 6, 2014