I'm Just a Love Machine: Gigahoes Has Landed

Can we all agree Jude Law was the only good thing about A.I. Artificial Intelligence? As the prostitute Mecha Gigolo Joe, his Tin Man boytoy explored our evolving relationship with our devices and gave us as a people our best answer yet for what to do with Jude Law. SyFy sigh-fest Caprica took everything sexy and dangerous about the Cylons from the BSG reboot and replaced it with starchy drama about navel-gazing robots who never did anything (until they blew shit up). Every time we get close to some Heavy Metal action, our filmmakers let us down trying to make us care.

Thankfully, the creators of the freaky, funny new webseries Gigahoes are here to make us laugh. Sort of like The Office but with robot sex instead of paper, Gigahoes is a part-mocumentary, part-workplace comedy (with a healthy helping of sex farce) set at Artificial Intercourse, an escort agency, in the not-so distant future. By 2034 artificial intelligence has been a part of everyday society for a decade, the obvious evolution of that concept being humanoid robots as obliging, better-than-human sex workers. From the Gigahoes website: “Each episode follows A.I.’s sex-bots out on their calls with their eccentric clients and the sexual hilarity that ensues”

And ensue it does! Creators Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan (yes, Geeks OUT’s very own board member & bar crawl mastermind—what? We do stuff!) never shy away from the tacky, tawdry jokes their audience is expecting (corn!) but also take their concept in smart, surprising directions. Their chemistry together as writers and performers is evident and they put their backgrounds writing and performing improv and sketch comedy to good use. The cast grabs hold of the material with both hands and never lets go. Standout performers from the first two episodes besides Gilligan and Lash include Daniel Florio as Branden, the latest, greatest model on the market, and Keisha Zollar as a zealous client into non gluten-free roleplay, but the entire ensemble is full of able comedians having fun.  

Episode 1, “Welcome to Artificial Intercourse” premiered last week at a fab bash at Industry and Episode 2, “Branden, Baker’s Man” will release tomorrow, October 28, with ten more six-minute episodes going live every Tuesday, making Gigahoes the perfect sort of guilty-pleasure indulgence once a week or to binge-watch while drinking with friends. A possible drinking game might involve taking a shot each time Gilligan and Lash’s characters accidentally find themselves hip-deep in homoerotic hijinks.

Gilligan, Lash, and director-producer David Wright make smart use of funds raised in their successful Kickstarter campaign. Casual nudity is pixellated out but you still might want to watch this at home, vs at your desk at work. I loved the tiny touches of advanced technology—look for flimsy, light-up tablets—that really sell the neo-futuristic setting.  

Check out the first episode and subscribe to Gigahoes on YouTube. I’ve seen Episode 2 and can say, without risk of spoilers, that if you enjoy threesomes and baking puns, it’s your kind of webseries. Gigahoes is funny, frisky, and free of shame—pretty much exactly what you want in a dirty, silly webseries. Tune in and turn on.