"Heroes + Villains #2" in HOT-lanta!


"Not every boy wants to be Batman or Superman; some boys want to be Wonder Woman," says openly gay artist and photographer Philip Bonneau, whose upcoming exhibition at Atlanta's gay and lesbian center MISTER mixes queer themes with classic comic characters.

Discussing the event with GA Voice, Bonnard elaborates, "With comic books and superheroes, they all have secret identities, and there are so many gay connotations. We can all understand trying to fit in.”

"Heroes + Villains #2," featuring DC heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, and Aquaman, is a follow-up to a show in 2011 that focused on Marvel heroes. Bonneau plans a third series focusing on drag.

We first saw these on Robot 6, but also check out Bonneau's Flickr page for all of his fab "Heroes + Villains" shots. Here are some of our favorites:





"Martian the Manhunter"




"Captain Cold"

on March 31, 2012