"Heroes + Villains #2" in HOT-lanta!


"Not every boy wants to be Batman or Superman; some boys want to be Wonder Woman," says openly gay artist and photographer Philip Bonneau, whose upcoming exhibition at Atlanta's gay and lesbian center MISTER mixes queer themes with classic comic characters.

Discussing the event with GA Voice, Bonnard elaborates, "With comic books and superheroes, they all have secret identities, and there are so many gay connotations. We can all understand trying to fit in.”

"Heroes + Villains #2," featuring DC heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, and Aquaman, is a follow-up to a show in 2011 that focused on Marvel heroes. Bonneau plans a third series focusing on drag.

We first saw these on Robot 6, but also check out Bonneau's Flickr page for all of his fab "Heroes + Villains" shots. Here are some of our favorites:





"Martian the Manhunter"




"Captain Cold"


 on Mon, April 9, 2012

Thank you so much for the awesome write-up on my work. Figured that since the show has now opened that I would give the artist statement and a viewing of the final pieces so that you may see the whole scope of the show.

Artist statement on the work:
Growing up, my grandfather made a game out of everything. He was the
one that introduced me to comic and is the embodiment of the man who
never grew up and whom I strive to be.

This collection of images is based around adults reconnecting with
their childhood and remembering what it was like to pretend. As most
people age that imagination gets lost somewhere in the shuffle of
adult life. Stress takes over. The dreams shift from the fantastical
to, for some, just getting by and making ends meet. I strive to bring
that sense of wonder back to adults. I do so, taking into
consideration that not eery boy growing up wanted to be Batman or
Superman. Some wanted to be Wonder Woman.

With this work, I’ve give my subjects the change to rediscover their
childhood fantasies. In doing so, these people have become my heroes.
At some point I started to believe I could never become the heroes of
my childhood. I proved to myself with this series I was wrong to doubt

I encourage you to treat me as a hero or a villain based on my work.
This show is a social test on the iconic status of these characters.
These images do not ignore the past in social and art history but
often embraces it in the context of the world today. This is my
celebration of the idea the one can be anything or anyone they desire
to be. If you imagine it, it can come to life.


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