Geeks OUT Loud is BACK: Spider-Woman #1 Comes Out Soon, Remember When We All Got Mad About That Weird Variant

At last! 

Because you demanded it! (Yes, YOU! Well, that'll teach you, won't it?)


Next month sees Jessica Drew back on comic shelves in her own solo title, this time drawn by fan-favorite Victoria's Secret catalog subscriber Greg Land and written by Dennis Hopeless (that had to be a hard name to go through middle school with). 

One of several new high-profile solo titles being led by female characters, Spider-Woman got an extra dose of publicity earlier this summer when the now-infamous variant cover by renowned erotic artist Milo Manara caused the internet to lose its damn mind (notably NOT the adorable Skottie Young variant that heads this article on the main page, nope).

Spider-Woman #1 variant by Milo Manara


And we've got opinions!

Check out the video above and leave comments—would you have bought the Manara variant? Was it a grossly misogynistic image or artistic license totally blown out of proportion? Could you do that pose?