The Geeks Have Spoken! Gail Simone is BACK on Batgirl!

It's a Christmas miracle!

We're a day behind the news, first reported via Gail's Twitter stream and now melting faces across the internet, but the gist of it can be summed up thusly:

It would seem that DC Comics noticed BOTH the Twitter and Tumblrverses imploding in fury as news broke that Gail Simone, who'd written the New 52's Batgirl into one of the best and most successful titles they publish, had been unceremoniously fired from the book via email. Mystery and confusion still surround the kerfuffle, especially since the book was beginning to address many of the issues longtime DC readers had with the reboot, including Barbara's mobility. Few writers could have handled these storylines with the sensitivity and wit—and respect for readers—that have always characterized Gail's writing.

But, now, whodathunkit?!, in a RARE and hopefully precedent-setting change of course for the publishing behemoth, Gail is once again writer on BATGIRL!

As many of you no doubt know, Gail's Twitter stream is hilarious and a great source for comics industry insight. And, predictably, those who follow Gail are jubilant today at the amazing news. How could you NOT want this lady writing one of the most beloved (and controversial) strong female characters in comics?!


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