Geeking OUT LOUD

Geeks OUT is proud to announce the first episode of an ongoing podcast series featuring comic and writer Graham Nolan and Geeks OUT HBIC Jono Jarrett!

We've had such a great time guesting on Flame On, SciFi & Squeam, and the Fanboys of the Universe podcast, that we decided it was past due that we start a podcast of our own.

Opinions, reviews, incisive discussion of queer geek ideas in pop culture, and the particularly nasty brand of shade that only white dorks in their 30s can cast will be handed down by us in delicious monthly doses via our website and iTunes (coming soon!). 

In our first foray, we toast the new year talking about what surprised us most in comics and geekery in 2012 (Jono loved UK indie comic Spandex, Graham has never seen Game of Thrones!) and what we're looking forward to in 2013, including Marvel FINALLY (maybe?) finding a good use for their queer superheroes beyond being queer and our upcoming event Dream Weaver.

Say that to our faces!  We're a community and we want to hear from you! Send asks or suggestions for topics to Graham and Jono will answer, remark on, or mock these as an ongoing segment starting with the 2nd episode, coming in February! 

Would you like to comment? We'd love to hear it!

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