Gail Simone Brings First Transgender Character to DC Comics in Batgirl #19


 on Wed, April 10, 2013

Apologies for the error in terminology: "Transgender," not "Transgendered."

Unfortunately editing the title of the post would screw with the URL.

No disrespect meant!

 on Thu, April 11, 2013

Actually DC have had a few transgender characters in the past, like in the Invisibles and The Sandman, though these were mostly through the vertical line. Also, Sir Ystin in Demon Knights is apparently supposed to be transgender (supposed to be because it's really bloody confusing, but the writer Cornell views Ystin as transgender) so I don't think Alysia is really the first "mainstream" transgender character, Simone just called her the first "capes and tights" transgender character.

Don't mean to be an ass, just trying to ensure credit given where credit's due. 

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