Buzzfeed Loves Geeks OUT's Queered-Up Action Figures

This September, Geeks OUT hosted the Great Gay Geek Retreat at Easton Mountain, a ridiculously beautiful gay men's campground and healing center near Greenwich, NY. With super-nerdy activities and programs and Easton's incredible amenities and grounds, it was a spectacular end of the summer. 

One of the most popular activities from the weekend involved indulging our most flamboyant queer instincts in an arena where it's not commonly seen: action figures. We gave the fellas their choice of figures, as well as a color-blind drag queen's Christmas morning worth of feathers, sequins, jewels, foils, ribbons, paints, and polishes.

Some of the guys created their ultimate queer superhero. Some released the secret fabulousness lurking within the alpha-male heroes. Others created their own sparkling, spangled avatars.

Also attending the retreat was our friend Dave Dietz, a true geek who lovingly posed and shot the figures with a fantastic artist's eye. Check out a few of the figures, below, and click through for the full Buzzfeed list.

All of Dave's awesome shots can be seen on Buzzfeed.

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