Geeks OUT and About: East Village, NY

Whether you're a New York local looking for new places to check out or visiting for Flame Con 2, Geeks OUT is highlighting some of our favorite geeky spots in the Big Apple. Kicking off the inaugural destination guide, Geeks OUT and About is a queer geek's guide to some East Village gems. The East Village is home to NYU, Cooper Union, Eastern Bloc, The Cock, and some really cool toy, video game, and comic book stores!

The first stop is Toy Tokyo. I stumbled upon this treasure trove of toys while walking up 2nd Avenue two years ago and was amazed by the assortment of rare and unique toys and collectibles. If you're looking for a collectible Legend of Zelda glass, original He-Man action figures, and a pink gay Ultraman toy all in the same place — this store has got you covered. Part pop-culture museum, part toy shop, and a whole lot of fun whether you buy or just browse. Bonus, if you go late enough at night you can grab a drink (and possibly more) at The Cock, which is right next door.

Toy Tokyo 91 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003

If you'e a gaymer looking for a cartridge, console, or disc that's harder to find than an elusive Pokémon, I recommend 8 Bit and Up and Videogamesnewyork. If Toy Tokyo is the Tibet of toys, 8-Bit and Up and Videogamesnewyork are the Valhalla of video games. Each store has a veritable vault of recent and rare games, systems, and sights that are bound to bring back a flood of electronic memories. After venturing to Videogamesnewyork you can also check out the nightlife at Eastern Bloc on 6th Street and Avenue A.

8-Bit and Up


8-Bit and Up 86 E 3rd Street New York, NY 10003

Videogamesnewyork 202 E 6th Street New York, NY 10003

Over near Union Square on the edge of the East Village (and this solar system), you'll find Forbidden Planet, an otherworldly comic and collectible shop. This Planet is orbited by a massive selection of current comics, graphic novels, toys, collectibles and a window display guaranteed to inspire Instagram posts. You can typically find signed exclusive comics, clearance items, and other reasons to touch down on the surface of Forbidden Planet.

Forbidden Planet 832 Broadway, New York, NY 10003