Flame Con 2: Firestarter

Let the gays begin!!! Geeks OUT hosted a fiery soirée filled with drag queens, burlesque, and gay geeks galore! In case you missed out on the fun, here are some photos of the festivities. All photos courtesy of John Balash and Ian Carlos Crawford (the better looking pics).

Petra-Fried made a Mario medley.

Board Members Joey Stern and Blaine Horton hanging by the door.

Avant Garbage was dreamlike as Freddy Krueger.

Lewd Alfred Douglas was Undertale in underwear

Group shots of our gorgeous geeky guests.

From Top to Bottom: Erika Klash as Pac-Man, Florence D'Lee as Bowser/Peach and Crimson Kitty as Sailor Moon

Me being hushed (or slowly knocked out) up by the effervescent Eric Rodriguez

Mademoiselle Estelle and Ginger Rodger performed aerial acrobatics as Poison Ivy and Groot, respectively.

Board member Steven Gianaca and Fwee Carter.

All of our talented performers!