Ask Professor SeX: Fell Into an Age Gap

Dear Professor SeX,

I usually date men around my age, plus or minus 5 years, but I’ve met someone younger than me and I really like them. I look like I'm 40 but I am actually hundreds of years old, and he just turned 28. Do you think it’s possible to make this work?

Verily, Hercules

Hi “Hercules”,

Some people search their lifetime for love, while some find a great match but the age gap is like the love of two lifetimes. Relationships require compromise and understanding so this is really no different than other challenges you might face together. Your age difference can work but you’ll need to remember that you’re each in different stages of your lives, and with that may come different priorities and desires. They also may not grasp some of your cultural references, so that could be a point of contention, or a fun way to learn more about each other. A 28 year-old may still seek the nightlife, or not be ready for kids, while a 40 year-old may. These are generalizations but I’m using them to illustrate my point that having common goals and interests are key.

If you feel a deep connection and think your bond can withstand the test of time I say go for it! Just know that along with a difference in age you may have other generational differences to contend with, so double your understanding.

In good health,

Professor SeX