10 Gay Comic Guys We'd F*©k, Marry, or Kill

It was hard to just choose 10 gay comic characters to rate on their dateability because there are so many now, which is a good problem. If people love this article we'd be happy to make another with more fan favorites and maybe a lesbian one as well.

1.Aaron from Walking Dead Some Spoilers ahead!

John: I was introduced to Aaron from the TV show so I feel like I know that character a little better and they differ slightly but he's someone that's very datable in my opinion. He's very committed to his partner Eric and he doesn't just sit around the house he helps with zombie-killing chores and such.

Devin: Plus, he's one of the few characters with a sense of humor! He's survived the zombie apocalypse, which alone makes him very datable.

John: Very true. Shooting skills, humor, and as you mention he's alive so that's a huge plus.

Devin: COMIC BOOK SPOILER But he's also very committed to Eric, even after he dies, so there's some emotional baggage. I'd say datable, but with reservations.

John: Ok we seem to pretty much agree that Aaron is a character we would date or at least swipe right on. I think he could be a little boring long term but I’ll keep him in the marry category.

2. Apollo/Midnighter John: Apollo is like a silver-haired Superman while Midnighter is a sexy BDSM version of Batman.

Devin: That was how they were essentially pitched, though they've thankfully moved beyond that. Frankly, I'm not sure if I would date either.

John: I think I'd date/marry Apollo but Midnighter would be better in bed. Fuck Midnighter, marry Apollo.

Devin: I agree that Midnighter is probably better in bed, but probably a bit rough for my taste. Also, a bit of a control freak.

John: Really? You think they're a couple that works together but neither is date-worthy?

Devin: They're both so aloof in their own way. Not that they haven't earned it, but I need a man who can reign it in occasionally.

John: Yeah I agree Midnighter might leave physical and emotional scars. Apollo might accidentally, you know, sever your spine or literally split you in half if he lost control though.

Devin: Plus, they've both got such baggage for each other. Have you ever had a date who wouldn't shut up about his ex? I feel like that's what this would be like...

John: Very true

Devin: Taking Apollo's powers into consideration makes the idea of sex terrifying! Lol

John: If Apollo invested in Just for Men I might be down. His hair isn’t like natural white hair it’s silver and I’m not feeling it.

Sex aside I initially thought I'd choose Apollo but I think he'd be boring as a boyfriend. Midnighter would definitely have some interesting stories and be a fun date.

Devin: Good point! If we are talking dateability, Midnighter would be a fun date! He could take you to exotic places, and you might witness a battle with intergalactic thieves or something...

John: Yeah. I don't know if either would be as stable long term but good for a date or two and a (potentially painful) fun time. I'm picking Midnighter even though I initially thought Apollo was my man. I surprised myself!

Devin: You've convinced me, too. I'll give Midnighter a chance for a date, but probably wouldn't even take him home.

John: And make him pay for the date! Hah

Devin: Darn right! You know he'd choose a place outside my price range. Lol

3. Catman

John: Meow. I didn't even know he was gay or bi but glad to hear he is.

Devin: Yup! Gail Simone made him bi in Secret Six. It’s hard to argue with a physique like that. Lol.

John: Yeah for sure. He's an Olympic level athletic and is down for cosplay fun outside of bed so I can only imagine what kind of stuff he gets into at his scratching post. Or cat cave? I'm not sure where he lives.

Devin: I know everyone on our list has the perfectly sculpted muscles of a superhero, but...Ha! Now I'm picturing him with a litter box and I think I'm taking a pass...

John:His dateability really hinges on how seriously he takes his Catman persona. I don't need him scratching up my furniture or marking his scent all over my apartment.

Devin: Ugh. Yeah, and I'm allergic! Though if I was confronted by his pet tiger, I think I'd need more than Benadryl...

John: Who is the cat guy from JSA? I'm confusing them...he's a boxer and was on Arrow...

Devin: Wildcat! Ted Grant is definitely not bi. Lol

John: Ooooh ok! I would totally date him though. I always like the ones who are unattainable.

Devin: Huh. I'm the opposite; as soon as I learn a guy is straight, I lose interest. Lol

John: While doing research I learned that Catman, Thomas Blake, is the same name of the character that Joseph Gordon Levitt played in The Dark Knight Rises. Perhaps that was what the filmmakers were actually trying to do with that character?

Devin: Really?? Instead of Robin, he was going to be Catman?

John: Either that or something was cherry-picking facts from the comics and trying to smoosh characters together.

Devin: Cats eat birds, after all...

John: True. I like Wildcat's cat persona a bit more but I like cats so I could date Catman. He seems fun as long as he keeps his claws at bay.

Devin: And if Joseph Gordon-Levitt was Catman, I'd definitely be up for a date!

John: Yeah agreed!

Devin: The JSA is one of my favorite teams, but I stand by my original assessment of Wildcat. I also think I'm going to amend my original statement and pass on Catman. My eyes are starting to water just writing about this!

John: He would have to get brushed regularly to control dander.

4. Colossus (Ultimate Marvel Universe)

John: I think he's dateable but less so than the original Piotr, who is very straight.

Devin: Ha! Agreed! The original Piotr—hard pass! He treated the women he dated poorly anyway. Ultimate Colossus, on the other hand, might be more dateable. I think he'd treat you better, for sure, though the angst that tends to come part and parcel with mutant boyfriends might grow tiresome.

John: Well Ultimate Colossus started off with a hard life as a gun runner so he has some baggage. I'd like the challenge of tying to crack his hard steel exterior. Metaphorically. Plus I have a thing for dark haired muscular hunks.

Devin: We all have our types! As Deadpool taught us, we'd have to make sure Colossus "powered down" before bed...

John: Yes ha ha there are definitely some considerations when it to comes to super-powered sex. I'd date Colossus though. Seems like a solid choice.

Devin: No pun intended? Agreed!

5. Iceman (Adult/Teen)

John: This is sort of two because there's the adult Iceman and the time-traveling teen version who helped the adult one come out of the closet. Only in comics folks!

Devin: Ha! Ain't that the truth? I tried to explain this one to my boyfriend last night and he stopped me halfway...

John: The younger iceman is too young for me but he would be a good choice for a gay teen. He seems comfortable with who he is, has a good sense of humor, and a good group of friends. The adult Iceman however has had a string of failed relationships with women, probably because it took him so long to come out of the closet.

Devin: Absolutely nailed it! The teen version of Iceman almost seems more in tune with his sexuality than older Iceman ever has been. I agree that young Iceman is way too young for me, but I can see myself setting him up with a friend.

John: It's kind of a reflection of the younger gay generation as well. When you grow up feeling normal and accepted you have less baggage to contend with.

Devin: True! Just being able to acknowledge who you are to yourself is an incredible step.

John: If I could melt the older one I would totally date him! Sense of humor, great body, and he's always nearly naked.

Devin: Older Iceman, on the other hand, is someone I don't think I could even approach! I suppose if I could help him get over himself I might date him.

John: Another consideration would be how many puddles Iceman leaves around. I mean literal water from his ice not metaphoric puddles.

Devin: Yeah, all that ice has to melt somewhere... Lol. I have carpeting, so that's something to consider.

John: If he cleans up after himself I'd date him. However I wouldn't want to be his first boyfriend after coming out, that seems destined for disaster.

Devin: Good point! Plus, the first boyfriend always gets kidnapped or brainwashed or killed by aliens or some damn thing!

John: Very true. I don't want to be human collateral damage next time the mansion is destroyed or have my body over taken by the Brood.

Devin: That's probably something to consider with all of these guys, except maybe Catman because he's more of an antihero, and the other villain on our list that we'll get to later.

John: Sounds we'd both take a pick to Iceman’s heart in the hope it melts. And the puns keep coming...

Devin: They're just too easy! You have no idea how many times I've deleted the word "cold". Yes, Iceman is dateable but maybe after a little growth period.

John: And assuming he warms his hands up!

Devin: Oh, yeah! Yikes...

6. Northstar

Devin: This is an easy one for me: undateable!

John: I pass on Northstar. Sure he's handsome and rich but he's a dick.

Devin: Exactly! Handsome and rich are the only things he's got going for him. His powers are lame, his history is lame, and you know he'd throw around the fact that he's the first out guy at Marvel!

John: He's impatient, rude, and has a weird Wonder Twins thing going on with his sister. I'm usually into Canadian men too but I'm passing on him. His homosexuality is probably the only attribute he has going for him.

Devin: Plus, he's got the dead boyfriend syndrome we've been talking about to such a degree it's laughable. His husband has already been brainwashed and time displaced. What else could go wrong? This really didn't take us very long, did it? Lol We just included Northstar on this list for his legacy...

7. Pied Piper

John: Pied Piper is a villain from The Flash's Rogue Gallery and may have a lame name but he's sexy.

Devin: Has he appeared on the show? I'm afraid I'm behind on that, too...

John: Yes I know him a more from the show and he's super smart, sexy, and seems like a redeemable villain. He's a bad boy I could go for.

Devin: Agreed! Plus, he works with his community. He's another character who really developed once he came to terms with his sexuality. He's like teen Iceman, but mature. I would worry about him using his powers on me a bit, though I guess it wouldn't count if I'm a willing participant.

John: Same. I'm surprised no one knew he was gay sooner, he sure likes playing that flute...

Devin: Ha! Annnnd we've traded ice puns for flute puns. That might be another advantage of dating Pied Piper. You wouldn't sound like a script doctor for Batman and Robin.

John: Wouldn't or would?

Devin: I guess wouldn't. Because they had all those awful puns with Mr. Freeze? Plus, you've got the easiest pickup line in history: "You can play my flute anytime." John: Haha. As long as he's not serving any hard jail time I'd date him.

Devin: On second thought can you edit that joke out? Lol

John: Maybe...I thought it was funny.

Devin: Hey, jail time might be another advantage! Conjugal visit sex, you never have to worry about him coming over unexpected...

John: Those are perks to dating a villain! We should actually be rating these guys using the F*©k, Marry, or Kill system.

Devin: Pied Piper would definitely be dateable. I don't know if I'd go all in on marrying him, though. I'd probably leave it at fuck. Lol.

John: Yeah I'd date Pied Piper as long as he wasn't too controlling. That could be an issue with him.

Devin: Good point. You'd have to limit access to that flute.

John: I'd want unlimited access to one flute and ask that he keep the other at "work".

Devin: "When you're at home, the only flute you're playing is mine." Of course, then I'd worry about being an accomplice. I think I'd keep Pied Piper strictly in the Fuck category.

John: Zing! I agree with your Pied Piper assessment and maybe he could go from side musician with benefits to my number one flautist over time.

8. Rictor and Shatterstar

John: Next up is another couple on the list—Rictor and Shatterstar. Shatterstar has such a convoluted backstory I don't think I could handle that baggage or his fashion sense and those crazy large shoulder pads.

Devin: Shatterstar was definitely a fashion victim of his times.

John: I do like big thighs tho so depending on if Liefeld is drawing him or not I might be ok with that.

Devin: Yeah his backstory is so complicated I can see him being kind of needy over time.

John: I think Rictor is more my type, a sexy, muscular, smoldering Latino who could literally make me shake.

Devin: He was named as one of the sexiest comic book characters by ComicsAlliance.

John: I'd still fuck Shatterstar but I could see something long term with Rictor.

Devin: They do have an open relationship...

John: Really? I'm also not into redheads typically so I'm passing on Shatterstar. Plus what's his power again? He's so derivative of Longshot.

Devin: His eye is kind of badass, though. I think you're right about Rictor. I can see something more long term with him.

John: Shatterstar would be a wild weekend and that's it for me.

Devin: Shatterstar is Longshot’s son. And father. It's a very complicated backstory...

John: That's too much to handle. Plus would I be Longshot's stepdad? I might get to see Dazzler in concert tho...

Devin: That would be a perk, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

John: Ok before we go off topic any more I "fool around" with Shatterstar and marry Rictor.

Devin: Same here. Rictor also seems more mature, and has gotten over his baggage a bit more than some of the other people on this list. Next up is one of my personal favorites...

Kevin Wada drawing of (L to R) Hulkling, Wiccan, Rictor, and Shatterstar

9. Spectral

John: I'm not familiar with Spectral but upon learning more about him it should've been obvious from the get go that he was gay. His power is basically being a living rainbow flag, each with a different power.

Devin: Ultraverse was the universe I read in middle school, even more than DC and Marvel, so he was the first gay superhero I knew about. He's so incredibly gay! He even lives in San Francisco!

John: I wonder if Marvel will ever revisit these characters since they bought Malibu comics.

Devin: God, I hope so! Technically, it exists in the Marvel universe as Earth-93060.

John: Similar to Iceman he's basically a nudist and his abs have abs. I'd def fuck him at the very least.

Devin: I'd fuck and marry. He's such a third stringer, I think he'd be grateful for the attention.

John: I just don't know enough about him to know if I'd want to date/marry him but I like your assessment of him being attention-starved.

10. Wiccan and Hulkling

Devin: I'm curious to see how this goes. Do they even exist in current continuity?

John: I'd be worried that Wiccan didn't really exist because I thought he was Scarlet Witch's imaginary child at one point. I wouldn't want to meet the perfect guy only to have him somehow erased from existence!

Devin: No, that's right. He's one of the kids she had with Vision (or something).

John: Hulkling is sexy but also part or fully Skrull. I'd fuck Hulkling and marry Wiccan only to find out he never really existed at all. Typical!

Devin: I think we can agree that fooling around with Marvel characters has inherent drama, at the very least. Wiccan is actually more my type, though. I like a slim guy with dark hair. Gets me every time.

John: I agree dark hair for the win with me. Also possibly unlimited magic powers (if he really exists) would be a sweet bonus.

Devin: There's a lot of risk with both these guys, but I wouldn't have the heart to Kill. Magic powers are probably the best we've seen out of anybody on this list.

I'd fuck and/or marry Wiccan, but Hulkling does nothing for me to be honest.

John: We can say pass rather than kill.

Devin: Fair enough. I'd "swipe right" on Hulkling. Lol

John: I am a little worried about his skrull DNA. If that's safe for humans then that's cool.

I'm also going to amend my choice with Aaron and pass. I just think he'd be boring even if he'd be a stable long term partner. Jesus from the Walking Dead I would def fuck.

Devin:That's fair. I think I'll stick to marrying Aaron.

Bisexual Bonus—Deadpool

John: He's a little gross to look at but he's so funny and cool. I'd fuck him.

Devin:I know this is sacrilege in fandom, but I've never understood the appeal with Deadpool. I know this makes me a bad geek, but I've always found him more annoying than funny. I'd definitely pass on Deadpool.

John: It may not be possible to kill him but you would if you had to marry or fuck him.