'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Has a Killer Marketing Campaign

Trask Sentinel

Having my tween and teenage years occur at the same time as the original 'X-Men' animated series, I always had one thought: "I cannot wait for an X-Men movie to be made and for Rogue to rip one of those suckers apart!" 

As the X-Men movies came and went we never got a Sentinel until the Danger Room sequence in 'X-Men: The Last Stand', and even then it was just a quick glimpse that faded away almost immediately. Everyone thought that would be the only time one of these menacing robots designed to hunt our lovely mutants would show up...until now.

The Sentinels and Trask are front in center in the newest 'X-Men' sequel and they look absolutely gorgeous based on the images that have been revealed thus far. Though, are we allowed to say they look great considering they're going to hunt our heroes? To help audiences understand just how powerful they are, as well as Trask's logic in creating them, Fox and Marvel have created the Trask Industries web site to give this movie a more immersive experience than the past ones have. It lays it all out for the visitor: the history of Trask Industries, the difference in low and high-affect mutations, and watching Trask commercials, among other things. This totally got my heart racing and nerdy goosebumps going as I was losing quite a bit of time wandering around the site. It's definitely worth checking out and sharing to show everyone just how much of an X-Men fan you are as we all anxiously await the movie's release in 2014.

Sentinel & Bryan Singer

 Here's hoping we get to see one of these bad boys blown up by Havok!

on August 8, 2013