A Different Kind of Gay Love Story...

What did I do on my Saturday night? Why, I am glad you asked. It involved badass chicks with crossbows, cults, homphobic frat boys, blood, guts, murder, rape, and yetis…as well as some things I probably can’t talk about on here. No, no, I’m not wanted by the police…I just watched a movie. Not just any movie- Yeti: A Love Story! Curious? The movie was made by two Emerson College seniors, Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin. It got distributed by Troma films in 2008 and made its way to Youtube, Amazon and Netflix. The movie is 70 minute of things you have to see for yourself- taking all the classic movie trops and making them slightly more campier. Five kids are on a road trip. They go camping in a sleepy backwards town and notice some weird things going on. A yeti is in the woods and a weird cult demands sacrifices to appease the yeti. I  won’t spoil the rest but this movie is not for kids and not safe for work or weak stomachs- it lives up to its unrated promise.  Oh, and Mark Walhberg is in it…a different Mark Walhberg.

The movie has a strong following and Reddit and Buzzfeed profiled it. It currently has a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 4.4 out of 10 on IMDb. Well, if Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider got a sequel…why can’t Yeti? The filmmakers felt the same and,after having went on to work on Cupcake Wars and Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, they started planning the sequel and Yeti 2 was born. They set up a Kickstarter and started calling up all the old cast(who didn’t die in the first movie). The movie got funded in one month. “YETI: A LOVE STORY 2: LIFE ON THE STREETS is a violent, sordid, sexy and outrageous feature film that explores the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. Attacking the senses from the get-go with big laughs, Yeti love, cloning, a devil-pimp, the Cop Mafia, relationship troubles, kidnapping, murders, and lemon-party yeti sex and drugs, YETI 2 is a hilariously depraved gross-out horror comedy.” The writers promise cameos (and porn stars) that will change the face of “WTF Cinema” forever and with yeti hookers, pimps, and sexy female mad scientists(Dr. Lust) they are well on their way of living up to that promise.  

Check out the original movie on Youtube here and then check out what the second movie is shaping up to be on Kickstarter. Yeti: A Gay Love Story 2: Life on the Streets should be out next year. Yeti 1 is on sale at Target if you need it in your collection now!

on March 23, 2014