Playstation 4 – The Next Generation

(Queue Star Trek: TNG music)

PS4…the final frontier…Playstation’s mission – to explore brave new games and break free from Civilization. 

To bodly go where no system has gone before!

WrrrrrrrPPSSSHHHEEWWWWW (I  fully expect it to make warp drive sounds when it boots up)

           Earlier this week, Sony teased finally revealing their next gen system, the PS4, codenamed Orbis.  Rumors are circulating faster than a fart at a bar, but according to an article from those stodgy blokes at Edge, they have the real scoop on the big new additions to the system.  Other than improved graphics, these include:

-          In place of the Start, Select, and Home buttons will be a touch screen similar to that on the Vita (since there are so many people who got one and know what that’s like).  I do love this new emphasis on touching a joystick just right, rather than just shaking it all willy-nilly like Neanderthals.

-          A ‘Share’ button that will bring up the ability to share screenshots and gameplay video

-          A 2013 Launch!

Perhaps most interesting is the pot that may be stirred in the coming months, as Edge reports that a ‘source’ that has worked with both the PS4 and the next-gen Xbox says the PS4 is ‘more powerful.’  You ask me, that’s asking for some 8-bit shade from Microsoft.  I think it’s safe to say now, with Nintendo’s WiiU already leading the pack and the competition well in sight, that the next gen console race is officially on.

Gamers, start your graphics engines, and may the best system win.

on February 1, 2013