Weekly Geek Roundup: X-Men spin-offs, Disney's Descendants, Chris Pratt's abs and more!

- X-Men: So, there's a new Carl's Jr commercial with Evan Peters/Quicksilver and a buttload of new character posters that have been released--all of which you can see here. Most importantly, can someone please tell me where I can get those shoes Quicksilver is wearing in the commerical? I really really want them. They're silver and shiny and awesome. And here's an awesome new video that tells the history of mutants leading up to the events in Days of the Future Past. Also also, there is talks of character movie spin-offs for X-Men that don't revolve around Wolverine. I think they need to just do other team spin-offs and have the characters from the X-Men movies make cameos. I, personally, would love love love to see a New Mutants movie.


- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: I guess there are like, 5 people who care about this...some stills from the upcoming movie have been released. I never saw the first one even though it starred my handsome boyfriend, James Franco. But yeah, moving on...


- Sinister Six: Drew Goddard has been named as director of the new Sinister Six spin-off. I mean, that's good because I think he's pretty great (he's written for three of my favorite shows--Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Lost) but, I mean, also...I can't quite seem to get excited about this movie. I'll be interested to see this once there is more info about it. Maybe then I'll be excited. But, we haven't seen enough villains in the Spider-Man movie universe to even complete this team yet.


- Disney: So, Boo Boo Stewart (Warpath from X-Men: Days of the Future Past and sexy teen wolf who wasn't Taylor Lautner from Twilight) has been cast in that Disney Descendants TV movie about the kids of Disney villains. I feel like I'm kinda looking forward to this but also think it'll be a mess. Snow White's Evil Queen's daughter is name Evvie--you know, short for Evil Queen. I'm upset Ursula won't have a sea creature child in this. Oh! And also, here's a fun mashup of Disney Princesses as Street Fighter characters (my favorite is Lilo).


- Guardians of the Galaxy: So, apparently, Nathan Fillion may or may not have filmed an after-credits cameo scene for GotG. I really hope he did. I really hope he ends up being a major player because he could definitely keep up with the likes of Chris Pratt, RDJ and ScarJo. Also, take a second to appreciate that gif of Chris Pratt's abs. I always go back and forth with him. Sometimes I'm very busy rolling my eyes at him and other times I'm like, he can get it all day every day--NOT UNLIKE MY DATING LIFE, AMIRITE?! Okay, anyway...


- Horror: Here's a pretty concise list of all the horro movies to look forward to in 2014. Me? I still want to see that Aubrey Plaza zombie movie, Life After Beth. But, legit, some of these movies seem pretty great.

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on April 11, 2014

Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.