The Weekly Geek Roundup: Power Rangers, Community, My Crush on Ryan Hansen And More!

- Power Rangers: There is a Power Rangers "re-envisioning" that's going to happen. Lots of people in my Facebook feed are very upset about it and I can't figure out why because, let's be honest, the Power Rangers were cool when you were a kid but had the production value of something shot in my parents basement after it flooded.


- Gotham: The first trailer for Gotham has been released and, much to my dismay, it actually looks pretty awesome. I don't want to WANT to watch this show...but, I do.


- Community: Everything is terrible and Community is officially cancelled. It's a shame because I visited the set once and they were all so fucking wonderful it was absurd. They were like a big happy family that I wanted to be a part. The cast has reacted in a predictably wonderful fashion and tweeted their thanks to all the fans. This truely is the darkest timeline.


- Agents of Shield: Agents of Shield has been renewed, thankfully. Also, the Agent Carter show has been picked up which has I feel very "eh" about. I want there to be a cooler Marvel female character running her own show. I also want less Shield agents and more superheroes. But, whatever, Agents of Shield has gotten so good that I legit gasped watching the last episode. So, I look forward to it getting even better in season 2.


- Veronica Mars: Ryan Hansen is getting a weird meta Veronica Mars spin-off. He's playing himself trying to get a spin-off for his Veronica Mars character, Dick. I will absolutely watch this and fantasize about making out with him.


- The Amazing Spider-man 2: So, this movie was kinda absurd and all over the place but also had some really great moments. If you've seen it then you'll enjoy this review. Apparently, there was an after credits scene that was cut from the movie in which the dude in the hat (Gustav Fiers or whatever) talks to Norman Osborn's disembodied head. YEP. HE TALKS TO OSBORN'S DISEMBODIED HEAD. Ugh.

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on May 10, 2014

Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.