Weekly Geek Roundup: Jem, Charlie Brown, Scarlet Witch and More

- Jem and the Holograms: This movie is happening and I really want it to be as campy and 80s as possible. I also really want Courtney Love to play one of The Misfits...or maybe be the manger of The Misfits. Either way, I want this to be over the top wonderful nonsense. I hope Ke$ha makes a cameo.


- TMNT: Is this what they'll look like in the new movie? Eeeehh.


- Malificent: She's got wings in this new trailer. My concern is that they're going to make her sympathetic and blahblahblah...all I really want to see is Angelina being a monster evil queen witch and posing all over the place. So, basically I just want to see her being Aneglina Jolie but with witch powers.


- Marvel: Is it just me or does Scarlet Witch vaguely resemble Buffy/SMG? I always have Buffy on the brain so maybe it's just me. We got some concept art from Avengers 2 released and it's whatever. I mean, I didn't actually expect Scarlet Witch to be dressed in a long red cape and red & pink spandex...but Pietro has a costume and she doesn't. Also, in this article, its mentioned that Star-Hawk (WHO!?) and Bug were originally going to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. No mention of the awesome space lesbians (Moondragon and Phyla Vell) though. Sigh. Also also, Guardians of the Galaxy mini-mates are going to be a thing--and that link also has a little blurb about helping Rocket Racoon's creator and the Hero Initiative (which helps comic creators that are in need of any kind of help). And, on last Marvel thing, Fox (::groan::) has confirmed 3 new Marvel projects.


- Star Wars: The Daily Beast has a great roundup of everything you need to know about the new Star Wars trilogy. My thoughts, you ask? Yes, for the wonderful Lupita and hot ginger Jesse Plemmons and, well...I'm fairly indifferent about Adam Driver. He definitely resembles a Star Wars villain but I also can't stand him on Girls so. I'm still annoyed that this won't be based around the Solo kids. But, I am excited to see Han, Luke and Leia back in action. I like anything that brings back older characters.


- American Horror Story: Much to the surprise of no one, the next season will take place at a carnival. I look forward to hate watching it every week and being annoyed when everyone says that its the best TV show on the air.


- Peanuts: This movie trailer is kinda of cute and also tells you absolutely nothing other than the fact that there is a movie coming out that it'll probably be, at the very least, better than the Smurfs movies.


- The Little Mermaid: This movie is going to happen and it's going to be directed by Sofia Coppola. I mean, sure why not? Disney won't be involved...so, I assume she'll really kill herself at the end like in the fairytale? Whoa, spoiler alert!

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on March 21, 2014

Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.