Weekly Geek Roundup: The Fantastic Four Reboot, Beetlejuice 2, Space Jam 2 and Vanilla Ice

- Fantastic Four Reboot: In case you were living under a rock without wifi this week and didn't hear about it--the Fantastic Four reboot has an official cast. Michael B Jordan as The Human Torch, Kate Mara as Invisible Woman, Jamie Bell as The Thing and Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic. And because everything is terrible, people are using this as a reason to make weird racist/sexist/fuckin' stupid comments like, "How are Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan going to play brother and sister? Do they have different fathers? Is their mom a hoe?" I think it's safe to assume these people have never met an interracial family or a family with adopted children..and that also, these people have the same morals as my dead conservative grandfather, right? Now, listen, there is PLENTY to complain about with this casting news. The Fantastic Four isn't supposed to be portrayed as sexy, snarky 21 year olds (yes, I know none of these actors are 21--but they always PLAY 21 years old). I feel like this is complete annoying stunt casting. And I'm never that geek who hates stuff before it comes out, but, well. So, don't be stupid--hate this for the stunt casting...not because they're forcing you to see an interracial family, you boners. Go over to Comics Alliance to read their absolutely...er, perfect (I coudln't bring myself to type the word "fantastic") write up about this.

- Toyfair: Yes, I'm linking to an article I wrote. So what? Who cares? There's a lot of adorable Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuff and a shit ton of Guardians of the Galaxy stuff. Also, there's this article that lists the top 20 best things from toyfair this year.

- Beetlejuice 2: So, apparently, Michael Keaton has begun talks for this movie. It just might happen. Sure, why not? More importantly, I hope they bring back the whole Deetz family.

- Dr Strange: So, four directors are being considered for the possible Dr. Strange movie. My pick? The guy who directed the incredibly underrated (and my 8th favorite movie of 2013) Warm Bodies. But, also, is Dr Strange a strong enough character to deserve his own movie? I feel like I'd prefer a Ms Marvel or Black Panther movie. But, whatever, I tend to like all these Marvel movies.

- Space Jam 2: In really unneccassary sequel news...Space Jam 2 might definitely be happening. But it probably won't star LeBron James. I guess I better try and find my old Space Jam stuffed animals and stickers. 


- Adam Baldwin: So, who knew Adam Baldwin was such a homophobic jackass? Sigh. I doubt Joss will be hiring him again anytime soon.

- Guardians of the Galaxy: Yes, I'm linking to another one of my articles. The trailer came out this week and it's awesome and now the entire gay community can finally agree on one thing: everyone wants to have sex with Chris Pratt.

- Heroes: Apparently, Heroes is coming back? It seems weird to bring back a show that died a long, slow, painful death. Heroes had a great first seaosn with a hugely dissapointing first season finale. Then there was the 2nd season where they introduced special favorite Kristen Bell who made the show a million times better...but then they quickly killed her off and I completely lost interest in the all the weirdly terrible time travel/alternate universe story lines. But, hey, I'd really like to see my boyfriend, Zachary Quinto, being a super powerful badass again. I'll definitely give this show another shot. it definitely has great potential.

- Ninja Rap: And finally, because the world was clammoring for it, Vanilla Ice raps his 90's masterpiece "Ninja Rap" in a new Kraft commerical for Ninja Turtle Mac & Cheese. Good for him. Also, I'd definitely makeout with Vanilla Ice. Judge accordingly.

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