The Weekly Geek Roundup: Captain America, Constantine, Snooki and more

Captain America: Apparently, the ending of Captain America: The Winter Soldier will lead right into Avengers 2. But, I mean, duh. All the Marvel movies are usually pretty good at linking to each other. The handsome actor who played Bucky in the first film, announced he has a nine film contract--while Chris Evans said he might want to take a break from playing Cap after his six film contract is up. A possible chance for Bucky to take over as Cap, perhaps? Or, also, just weird contracts that need to be re-negotiated. Who could know. And, in news that's exciting yet not surprising, Joss Whedon directed one of the post credit Captain America: The Winter Soldier scenes.

Constantine: The first official image of Matt Ryan as Constantine has been released and, well, he looks pretty damn good.

The Birds: As part of his pact with The Devil, Michael Bay is now doing a remake of The Birds. People are complaining about it because, you know, it's Michael Bay and those Transformers movies are written by dog turds. But, I don't care because I don't think remaking something ruins the original in any way. As is my answer to everything: So what who cares?

Star Wars: Above is the apparent shortlist of actors being tapped to play the lead in the new Star Wars movies. I'll go with the ginger because, well, I have a thing for gingers and I've thought that guy was hot since I saw him in that really weird Seth Rogen movie Observe and Report.

Supernatural: My arch-enemy, Snooki, is set to guest star this season on Supernatural. I only watched this first season of this show...but, I have my head up the internet's ass all day every, I'll assume this will be not unlike the Paris Hilton episode? This is one of those shows I hear got way better after the first season...but, I never watched it. One day I'll watch it.

Divergent: Shailene Woodley, during an interview for Divergent (a movie I'm still not sure I want to see), called Twilight's Edward and Bella "toxic." Shailene Woodley is currently on a quest for wolrd domination and looking to become everyone's new teen dream. She's also starring in The Fault In Our Stars which I can't talk about or I'll start crying.

Godzilla: There is going to be more than one monster in the new Godzilla movie. Okay, sure.

Science: And, before I go, here's a pretty cool video of a drone flying into a volcano that's erupting.


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on March 14, 2014

Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.