Toyfair 2014 Recap

- Hasbro:  So, they showed mostly stuff we already knew was coming out. Which is fine. They showed the first few waves of the newly revamped Marvel Universe line (now being called Marvel Infinite because sure why not). The figures shown were Red She-Hulk, Deathlok, Thunderstrike Thor, Death's Head (HOW ARE WE GETTING THIS GUY BEFORE AN EMMA FROST FIGURE--WHO WAS CLAMORING FOR HIM), Hyperion, Wasp, Grim Reaper, Whirlwind and about 56 resissued figures (Heroic Age Iron Man, Captain America and YAWN). You can see more of the 3.75' figures here.


They also showed a shit ton of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise. Websites are saying the shitty looking 2packs are 2-inch scale but some places are saying they are 3.75 inch scale. Either way, they look like crap. But, I would like a 3.75 inch Gamora and Star-Lord to go along with the rest of my 3.75 inch figures. The Rocket Raccoon, Gamora and Star-Lord 6 inch figures all look absolutely awesome as does the comic version of Nova. I look forward to paying too much for them at a comic book shop in NYC because I can't find them anywhere else. Click here to see all the crazy Guardians merchandise (including a really weird Rocket Raccoon mask).

ALso, Hasbro announced a shit ton of G.I. Joe stuff in honor of their 50th Anniversary. Just LOOK at that awesome Lego Cobra Terror Drome set. ARE YOU LOOKING AT IT!? And also, they're re-releasing some of the more popular characters in 3.75 inch scale, click here to see them all.

- Funko: If you know one thing about me--it's probably that I'm obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well, this year, Funko has decided to bless me with a lot of weird new Buffy merchandise. Funko is releasing a weird line of retro figures called Re-Action Figures that has seperate waves for reach property: Firefly, Buffy, Pulp Fiction, Predator and The Terminator just to name a few.

They're also releasing a whole lotta Pop! figures. Which, in case you can't tell, are adroable, baby faced, big headed versions of popular characters. They're releasing lines for Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and basically anything else you could possibly imagine. Click here to see all the crazy releases from Funko.


- Diamond Select: Mini-Mates are always really hit or miss for me. On one hand, they're basically Lego toys. On the other hand, they're adorable. Daimond has also said they will be releasing a figure from Days of the Future Past which begs the question WHY ISN'T HASBRO RELEASING FIGURES BASED ON THIS MOVIE!? Sigh. Anyway, click here to see all the upcoming releases from Diamond.

- Mattel: Last week, they revealed a ton of images of figures that they'd be showing. But, of course, you already knew this because you read it in my new weekly column, Weekly Geek Roundup. Right? Right. They showed some other cool figures including the lasts of their DC Universe Classics line. Click here to look through the photos.

- Bandai: A whole lot of Power Rangers. Duh.

- Capo Toys: A new line of Street Fighter figures? Sure, why not? I'll probably buy that Chun-Li.

- Lego: Lego is pretty much killing it this year. I'm still only about 8% complete in my Lego marvel game...but, I really might need Lego Storm and a Lego Wolverine figures. They are even releasing Duplo lines of DC and Ninja Turtles for younger kids. Also, THAT MODOK LEGO FIGURE!

- S.H. FIguarts: And the award for weirdest toy release goes to S.H. FIguarts for their Moonwalking Micheal Jackson figure. Click here to view their other figure releases (and see other images of their MJ figure). 


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