Stripling Warrior Is The World’s First Gay Mormon Superhero Comic



Stripling Warrior is the new comic created by Brian Andersen, who runs the Facebook page So Super Duper—where you’ll find everything gay and geeky (from mashups of Miley Cyrus and Dazzler to posts about sexy guys dressed as Spider-Man). He even wrote an Op-ed piece for The Advocate about being gay and Mormon called My Gay Mormon Life Is Not Counterfeit.

He is gay and Mormon so it only makes sense that Andersen would write the world’s first gay Mormon superhero.  This comic takles religion and being gay—and, duh, being a superhero.  And, as a nice added bonus, all the guys in the comic are pretty hot.



When it comes to his audience, he’s said:

For me, and I may be wrong, but "Gay Mormon Superhero" is just a really quick way to prep the reader for the foundation of the story. You don't have to be Mormon (or gay really) to enjoy the comic. Just like you don't have to be Catholic or blind to dig Daredevil. My comic, and Daredevil, is about much more than its basic set up.


His synopsis of the comic goes like this

Sam Shepard, the Stripling Warrior, is an openly gay man married to another man. He is given the powers of Heaven to smite those who do evil. His homosexuality does not stop him being God’s representative.

Part of Sam’s tale also includes a romantic element. While Stripling Warrior isn’t a sex comic, or a porn comic, it is a sexy comic. Sam is not a gay character in name only. He has an active sex life that will be explored within the bounds of a comic that’s rated T for Teen. For some this sexy aspect might be a selling point, and for others not so much. And either response is fine. I’m not writing just for a gay Mormon audience. I’m writing for everyone. Being gay and Mormon is just the basis of the story, all you need to know right out the gate.

I will say that I’ve read comics for almost my entire life and have been emotionally invested in many heterosexual relationships. I’ve seen these characters in bed, kissing, draped sexily in sheets and towels. It never bothered me. It also never made me straight. That never stopped me for loving these comics.




He has been featured on Comics Alliance, The Outhousers, GLAAD, and approximately 8978979 other places. The kickstarter only has a few days left—so check it out, share, and donate if you can! Representation is important and we can never have enough LGBTQ superheroes!



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