Startling Sci-Fi Is Your New Favorite Anthology

Startling Sci-Fi is a new sci-fi (duh) anthology put out by New Lit Salon—it’s diverse, wonderfully written, and, real talk, has a story in it by our very own angel blogger, Adam Sass! The anthology is edited by Casey Ellis and has stories by Eve Fisher, Marcus S. Robin, Jhon Sanchez, and many other talented writers—and did I mention it has our very own Adam Sass in it? The stories appeal to fans of Philip K. Dick, Chuck Palahniuk, and everything in between.




Adam’s story is called "98% Graves" and it’s captivating from start to surprise finish. It starts off with a Lucille Bluth-esque character out with her friends, then enter the hot mostly naked dudes that turn into weird-robotic soliders, then ends with a wonderful gay futuristic surprise. “Japanese Rice Cooker” by Jhon Sanchez is another great story—it’s told through emails and reads like an episode of The Twilight Zone meets the Joss Whedon movie The Cabin in The Woods. “Japanese Rice Cooker” and “98% Graves” are just two of the stellar thirteen stories in this collection.



The anthology also includes some really beautiful original artwork in it by New York-based artist, Stefanie Mascandiaro—the art rivals some of the best comic book art being put out today. She’s done all the artwork you’ve seen in this post. It’s important to support indie creators like New Lit Salon—they’re the ones giving up-and-coming talents a chance at getting their stuff out there.


So, check out this great anthology and make sure to follow New Lit Salon on Twitter.


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on June 29, 2015

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