New York Comic Con 2013 in Photos

All photos by Ian Carlos Photography.

Our merch.

"Can you guys ask Deadpool to marry me?" I asked everyone working the booth with me after this guy walked away.

My favorite X-Man.

Fellow Geeks Out member, David.

This X-23 made me rethink my homosexuality.


A super hot Wolverine.

An adorable pup named River dressed as Capt Marvel.

Maybe my favorite cosplayer that I saw all weekend.

Me (in the middle) with my fellow Geeks Out crew on Friday morning.

This made me laugh out loud.

Gender Bending costumes are some of our favorite costumes.


Our handsome-as-hell booth model, Aedan Roberts (dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts), and Robin.


Ensign Ro was one of my favorites on Star Trek: TNG. She was excited to hear this fact.


Me with author of the awesome novel Proxy, Alex London.

Stret Fighter vs Harry and the Hendersons.

Artists Phil Jimenez and Jackson Eather at our booth.

A really awesome Robin.

Artist Phil Jimenex hard at work on an illustration of Karma while sitting at our table.

Me with artist Jackson Eather and fellow Geeks Out member Nicole.

Me with one of my favorite X-Men artists, Phil Jimenez.


White Queen and Dark Phoenix.


some serious Bill Murray tattoos.

He's my favorite.

                                                 Our handsome boys, Patrick, Blaine and Rob, on Saturday

                                                 She even talked like Archer's mom. These cosplayers were awesome.


A very glittery Scoprion.

special favorite Jubilee.

                                                                                                  It's shameless, I know--but, how could I not take their photo?

                                                This adorable Mario is adorable.

                                                                                                     This Dr Who cosplay made me laugh out loud. IT'S SO GOD DAMNED GOOD.                                                                                                     Me with a really handsome Riddick.

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Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.