Doctor Who: Everything You Need to Know for Day of the Doctor

Have you all watched the Day of the Doctor mini prequel? If not, watch it:

I'm going to be honest here--I've never watched any of the Doctor Who things that came before 2005. But, also, I've read most of the internet and hosted Doctor Who trivia once--so, I'm still pretty knowledgeable on all things Who related. My first thought, upon seeing Paul McGann, was, "Wait, that's not Neil Gaiman....I'm sure I'm supposed to know who he is." Then, you know, it eventually came to me (BuzzFeed posted this handy gif-full list about things you need to know about the 8th Doctor). So, it was a nice suprise. Paul McGann says it was leaked and released early...but, so what who cares? There's nothing wrong with a little early release. Also, there's this amusing preview that features Strax giving a field report:

I'm not positive if Strax and Jenny and the gang are going to be featured in this episode--but, I kind of hope they are. Even if it's just for a small part. They're what I always wanted the Doctor to have (and what I wish Capt Jack had become): reoccuring side characters who are important. When they "died" in the last season finale I was legit upset. I digress.

Everything Else Timey Wimey:

- There is also this clip from Day of the Doctor which made me legit gasp like a character from a sictom. But, I guess, if you don't want anything spoiled for you...then don't click it. It's not too spoiler-y though.

- There's also this gallery of high-res photos from the Day of the Doctor.

- John Hurt has said that playing The Doctor was one of his toughest roles.

- This site also has a 3 second clip from Day of the Doctor.

- There's this theory about Billie Piper not actually playing Rose Tyler but some other vessel. I guess it could be something having to do with Bad Wolf (not that Bad Wolf has ever made much sense). I hope it's not true though--I'll be very dissapointed if Eleven isn't meeting the Rose Tyler we all know and love. But, it kind of makes sense that she's not the Rose Tyler we know and love...right?

- Here's a cute video of Amy Pond, River Song and Rory Pond-Williams wishing The Doctor a happy 50th Anniversary.

- And, just for fun, there's also this tapestry art that's a fun timeline of the Doctor's life so far (although, it's missing my special favorite Donna Noble). 

I think that's it. Words cannot express how excited I am for the 50th Anniversary episode. We're all excited, right? I'm still holding out hope that there are some surprise cameos (::cough cough::Captain Jack and Donna ::cough cough::).

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