Brief Interviews With Flame Con Guests

I know I know I know.

I can't seem to shut up about Flame Con. But, in between sweating and live-tweeting, I did quick interviews with some of our special guests and attendees. It was a lot of fun and I wish I could've gotten to talk with more people.

I asked everyone to write their Twitter handle with their answer underneath of it - that way if you want to follow some more fellow geeks on Twitter, you can!


Cecil Baldwin from Welcome to Night Vale: "Moses (Disney Version)"

Blaine (Geeks Out board member)/Flamey: "Captain Planet"

Connor Goldsmith of Fuse Literary: "Namor - go for it, Sue"

Author Sara Farizan: "Gadget from Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers"

Author Adam Silvera: "Tommy - Green/White Power Ranger"

::inserts gif of Ilana from Broad City mouthing "Yas Queen"::


Krutika Mallikarjuna from Buzzfeed Geeky: "Saga"

"Nimona! Most badass graphic novel in the history of everything!"

"Runaways, Ms. Marvel, Strangers in Paradise"

Handsome Jake cosplayer and friends: "Captain Marvel"



Dylan Marron of Welcome to Night Vale: "Broad City"

Jim from Topless Robot: "The Flash"


Author David Levithan doesn't watch a lot of TV: "I'm so sorry, I haven't watching anything in a year. Ask me about books."

Everyone's favorite Sexy Finn, Aedan C. Roberts: "Rick and Morty"

Charles Rockhill, from The Stonewall Inn: "Orange is the New Black/Sense8"

"Orphan Black"

Castor Bollocks: "Jane the Virgin"

Slumber Party Captain America cosplayer: "My Little Pony"

"Daredevil! (And not just because I recently found out my cousin Philip Silvera whom I've never met is the stunts coordinator)"

"Orange is the New Black"


"Harry Potter #duh #NoticeMeJKRowling!"

"The Hotel New Hampshire, Perepolis, The Color Purple"

"If you haven't read Blankets or Feed, you really need to."


Joe (wearing a STELLAR Kesha shirt):  "Labyrinth"

"The Witches"

"The Monster Squad"

"Star Wars"


Juan from Gay Geeks of NY: "Life-force drain: that way I can be young, beautiful, immortal, and hurt evil people."

"The power to heal."

"Time-stopping (Pausing)"

"Teleportation or mind control so I can make Andrew garfield love me." 



"Laverne Cox in 'The Media'"

"Hermione Granger - I would've loved an entire series devoted to her badassness, but Harry Potter is cool too, I guess."

"Ellie (Last of Us)"

"Pretty much all YA females are strong characters even when they show weakness but I'll say Katniss."

"Britney Spears!"

"Santana Lopez"

Tommy Heleringer from The Outs and Peacekeepers: "Maude"


"Dumbledore! (Even though we never see him do the dirty with other dude wizards)"

"I have too many! So many heroes!"

Geeks Out blogger and Alpha Flight stan, Shaun: "Northstar - Alpha Flight rules!"

"Tara/Willow from Buffy"

::insert gif of me screaming in agreement::

"Capt Jack Harkness"

"Alison Bechdel"

"My gay uncle"


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