Brief Interviews with Flame Con 2 Guests

In between sweating and photographing cosplayers, I stopped a few of our attendees and special guests to ask them some questions (or, well, mostly just one question each). Ever wonder why a queer comic con is important to Supergirl/Midnighter writer Steve Orlando? Ever wonder what X-Men genius Chris Claremont's favorite current comic book is? Ever wonder who Wonder Woman scholar and Superwoman artist Phil Jimenez's favorite Strong Female Character is? Or maybe what Patsy Walker aka Hellcat's wonderful duo of Kate Leth and Brittney Williams think of cosplay?

Well, here we kinda sorta have all the answers...


"The Beauty"

"Saga (duh)"

"Emma Peel!"

"Wonder Woman" (That's Nick from our friends at Gay Geeks of NY)

"Jessica Jones"



"Me" (one of our very humble board members, Rachel)

"Furiosa, Rey, Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor (duh)"

"Storm 4 lyfe" (that's the lovely artist and Flame Con special guest, Kevin Wada)

"Storm, make it rain" (that's comic book writer and Flame Con special guest, Greg Pak)

"Furiousa" (that's artist and Flame Con special guest, Kris Anka)



"The Bionic Woman (Lindsay Wagner)" (Wonder Woman's kid brother himself, Phil Jimenez, didn't pick Wonder Woman ::gay gasps::)

"Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman"

"Jessica Fletcher" (that's the lovely Simon Graves, who I THOUGHT as going to write Jessica Jones but went for Murder, She Wrote instead)

"Rogue! For making Lemonade with sass and style!" (That's Rey from our friends at Rage Gear Studios)

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Justin from our friends at Gay geeks NY)

"Dazzler!" (from one of our bloggers, Shaun)

"Pixie is better than Spider-woman" (from the Gelfand twins)

"Ellen Ripley, Jill Valentine, General Leia..." (she has a lot of favorites)

"Buffy Summers"

"To celebrate our geeky fabulosity together!"

"What's better than a bunch of queer AF nerds?"

"To have fun with cosplay without fear of judgement"

"To bask in everyone's fabulosity!"

"Because I'm sad and gay!"

"Trying to find my Bowser daddy!" (that's Matt from the wonderful GaymerX)

"To slay with my fabulosity!"

"Gender bent cosplay"

"Because I'm #Mask4Mask"

"Queer fans are the best!" (that's writer and special guest James Tynion IV)

"Here for comics, gays, nerds, and any combo of the three!" (wonderful artist Terry Blas)

"For the cosplay! OMG it's so good" (Kate Leth, awesome human and writer of Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat!)

"Cuz it's cool!" (that's Hellcat herself via the awesome Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat! artist, Brittney Williams)

"Because I needed it as a kid" (Supergirl writer Steve Orlando)

"Gaymers rule!" (::emoji heart eyes at this Wiccan cosplayer::)

"It's tasty!"

"Because representation matters! #BLERD" (the awesome ladies from Nightowl Designs and Rainbow Alternative)

"Need to make sure people aren't alone"

"Because we're GAYS"

And now, Chris Claremont answering both "favorite current comic book" and "favorite Strong Female Character" (kinda)

"X-Men? Phoenix, Storm, Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Destinary, Binary, Shadowcat, Wolfsbane, Karma, Dani, Amara, Stevie Hunter, Rogue...oh yes (Nightcrawler)"
(I had to ask Phil Jimenez and our blogger Shaun who Stevie Hunter was because I'm apparently a bad X-fan)

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on September 7, 2016

Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.