The Bi-Weekly Geek Roundup: Nathan Fillion, Rosario Dawson, Doctor Who and More!

- Gotham: There's a shitton of new Gotham posters that I think look incredibly overly photoshopped but I think the show looks like I might like it more than I care to admit. Also, how cute is the dude playing The Riddler? I saw him in a bar once recently but only knew it was him because, after he left, someone mentioned it was him. Also also, why did they rename Poison Ivy with such a stupid fucking name?


- X-Men: So, Bryan Singer confirmed he wants to cast a younger Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Which is fine...but, also, kind of a shame because I really love Famke's Jean Grey. Also, everyone's favorite dickhead comic book artist, Rob Liefeld, says he'd want Jon Hamm or Tom Hardy to play Cable in an X-Force movie. Also, here's a pretty stellar photoshopped picture of Jon Hamm as Cable...even if I'm not too keen on either Hardy or Hamm playing Cable. Oh, and those stupid rumors about X-Men being cancelled and mutants being taken out of the Marvel Universe? The wonderful Brian Michael Bendis says they're caca nonsense (but, you know, he says it more eloquently).


- The Hunger Games: Here's a neat Mockingjay teaser.


- Batman v Superman: Harry Potter himself has said he'd like to play Robin in the new Batman v Superman movie. How do we feel about this? I think I like that idea. But, also, I'd hope he'd wear those short shorts the original Robin wore because I'm a slob and seeing him naked on Broadway in Equus wasn't enough for me.


- Doctor Who: Handsome Dinosaur, Matt Smith, has said he'd love to come back to Doctor Who. Sure, why not! They're gonna have a lot of trouble making me care about this season, so I hope they really do bring back some old characters. COUGH Donna Noble COUGH.


- Daredevil: The absolutely delightful, Rosario Dawson, has joined the Netflix Daredevil series and I'm really happy about this because did I mention how fucking delightful she is? I hope she ends up playing the new Elektra because like, she would be so badass as a tough ninja.


- Guardians of the Galaxy: AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, everyone's favorite person, Nathan Fillion, is confirmed as having a cameo in GotG. The rumors are he will either voice Cosmo (my favorite psychic space dog) or cameo as Richard Rider aka Nova. I love love Cosmo and was bummed that he (and Moondragon) were left out of GotG but...I hope Fillion cameos as Rider because it'd seems like it'd be a waste to use him to cameo as the voice of Cosmo who, no doubt, wouldn't ever really be a big player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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