AHS Cult Ep 7 Recap: Lena Dunham's Factory GIRLS

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I have a few good things to say about this episode before we get into what I really thought of this caca nonsense episode: it made me visit Valerie Solanas’s wiki page (and give myself a quick history lesson), Lena Dunham definitely gave it her all, Evans Peters made a great Andy Warhol, and Frances Conroy was a delight.

::deep breath::

Okay, so from the start of the episode, Lena Dunham is A C T I N G—she chews up every scene she’s in. I can’t decide if I was into her over-the-top performance or if I hated it. But, that’s commonplace when watching AHS, ya know?

The episode felt too out of place, and almost like filler—not unlike the Anne Frank episode in Asylum (which I have decided is the best season of this show, even though I haven’t watched any of Roanoke or Freakshow). We spent so much time watching Lena Dunham be crazy that once we got the connection—it didn’t seem to matter? Also, that connection…how hard did Ryan Murphy jerk off after he wrote this episode?

Bev pays Kai a visit and suddenly, without warning, there are all the cult looking white dudes who try to stop her from coming in. Prior episodes hinted at Bev possibly overhtorwing the group but now suddenly Kai’s got all these skinhead/Mormon lookin’ white dudes working for him? When did that even happen?

Oh, and Kai wins the election because we all knew he would. Ally isn’t in this episode because she’s in custody for possibly being the second shooter at Kai’s rally but you can bet she’s crying wherever she is.

This episode really felt like one big “SO WHAT WHO CARES”—which turned into one big eyeroll when Frances Conroy revealed that Dunham’s Valerie, who wrote SCUM (which, I learned, is a true thing), has her group of followers become the Zodiac Killer. Yep, that’s right—they’re all the collective Zodiac Killer.

Kai then has an encounter with Wednesday Addams in front of their dead parents, where he maybe alludes to the fact that he knows her and the other ladies are meeting separately.

The ladies then chop up Billy Eichner at Ivy and Ally’s restaurant because everyone is stupid and no one seems to blame Kai for everything.

And then, because Ryan Murphy loves a twist on top of a twist, the episode ends with Kai watching Bev give a news report about Billy Eichner’s murder that’s about as subtle as me subtweeting the garbage men I’ve hooked up with, and we find out Frances Conroy and Kai are working together. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Most American Part: All these MEN ::eyeroll::
Most Horror Part: Dunham’s group stabbing the gay man in their group to death.
Most Story Part: I don’t know, man.
Most Ryan Murphy Part: Lena Dunham yelling, “Suck my dick, Warhol!”

Grade: D, because ::whispers:: Ryan Murphy's back on his bullshit

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