AHS Cult Ep 10 Recap: Winter's Discontent

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Sometimes I read other people’s recaps of this show and feel like either (1) I’m watching an entirely different show or (2) these people are being overly nice and I’m just too critical. WHO COULD KNOW.

This episode felt very, “girl, IS it the finale? I don’t know and does it matter?” Everything felt rushed. Everything. From the Frances Conroy/Kai connection (she was his anger management coach lulz), to Kai’s quick insanity (which, to be fair, we have slowly started to see throughout the season but this episode it went full on cartoon character) to all the deaths.

Also, we opened with the night of the first debates. Winter and her Hillary Clinton-supporting friends were on the couch. Kai was in the corner, no doubt surfing the Dark Web (lulz). One of Winter’s friends got sassy with Kai, basically nailing down everything about what a frail white man he is, and he slapped her. Winter then says it’s the worst thing Kai ever did, really crossing the line and ::ahem:: if I recall he murdered their parents? But my timeline could be off on that one (don’t tell me to Google it for all 5 of you that read this).

We also see one of Kai’s rallies being protested—and Kai goes all Trump and starts saying they’re paid protestors and like, we all get it, right? Yes, Kai has become a cartoon parody of Trump. Before he seemed not so much like Trump (in that, he seemed less of a coward and someone who was charming enough to be a cult leader) but now he’s gone full on 45.

We also got a cult flashback in this one—the one that seemed the most obviously deserving of its own episode, the Manson Murders. The Manson scenes were pretty brutal to watch—maybe the most brutal on-screen death since the clowns staple gun-ed one of their own mid-season. I thought all of that was actually pretty thrilling and upsetting. I kept hoping Sharon Tate and co would get away, even though I knew they wouldn’t.

Oh, and Frances Conroy came back—showing some real scary evil for .5 seconds before being murdered. So, we spent a whole episode with Solanas/Warhol to connect Conroy to Kai and the moment she realizes he’s not helping women, she’s killed, rendering her plot pointless. Cool, great. That's one of Ryan Murphy's favorite things to do on this show, create a big plot point then have it have been all for nothing (Im looking at you, Misty Day, from Coven). Also, why the fuck wouldn’t Ally let Conroy kill Kai? She’s got something planned no doubt, with Beverly. Which is what I’ve been wanting all season and I guess we’ll finally see happen in the finale? Even though it feels like there are only 4 characters left: Ally, Beverly, Kai, and Oz.

Kai also devised a really stupid plan, a plan that consisted of them murdering Kai’s right-hand-man (who cut off his left), Chaz Bono. They murdered him at a Planned Parenthood and painted a sign in blood saying, “Stop the Slaughter.” Which Kai then blames the murder on liberals and “woke warriors” (every time he has to say that in the next episode, I’m doing a shot), which doesn’t make sense because why would pro-choice groups target Planned Parenthood and…murder someone—ya know what, it doesn’t matter. I’m not sure if that’s on-purpose bad planning because Kai is going crazy or just some Ryan Murphy writing?

Winter meets Beverly and tries to give her a train ticket out of town. Bev refuses, saying she knows it’s a test. And, honestly, Winter has been such a flat character I wasn’t sure if it was or not (and also didn’t care). I mostly just hated seeing Beverly so beaten down. We soon learn that it wasn’t a trick—but that Beverly and Ally were turning Winter in. Earlier in the episode, Ally asked Winter if she ever took blame for anything in her life. Winter never really did, she always was a blank slate for Kai, and you almost (maybe? Idk) felt bad for her when Kai choked her to death. Kai killed his two most loyal goons in this episode, so who knows what'll happen now.

Next week is the finale. Bless.

Most American Part: The Manson Murders.
Most Horror Part: The Manson Murders.
Most Story Part:Kai murdering his sister, getting rid of the last of his family ties.
Most Ryan Murphy Part: The Frances Conroy story going nowhere and her dying just as it’s about to get good.

Grade: C

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