Agents of SHIELD Recap: Uprising (It's Too Damn Dark)

It’d been two weeks but we’re back—Ghost Rider and Daisy have started their leather jacket road trip while Yo-Yo has fun at bridal shower until there’s a blackout. Oh, and also the opening credits had a glitch-90s-hacker bit at the end of them that made this Nana recapper think, “Oh, shit, my link’s not working.”

I’m a little biased here because strong latinx women are what make up my family, but Yo-Yo is still one the most dynamic new characters to be added to this show. Even with this new lame Inhuman dad Director—and by dad, I don’t mean DADDY I mean he seems like a dude who’d wear sneakers and cargo shorts to the beach with his kids. This sounds like I hate this new Director dude, I don’t—he’s fine and I appreciate that his lame-dad-ness is totally on purpose but still.

Agent May better be done with this ghost virus bullshit after this episode. And, also, Simmons seemed to come up with that “touched by a ghost” theory a little too easily, right? She gave someone else credit for it too, which makes it even more eye roll worthy. But shut up, because I love Simmons. So, she’s allowed to use a plot device to save May. And like, can you imagine if they’d actually killed May in this episode? It all felt a little too dramatic seeing as we knew she couldn’t die like that. Or that I’d stop watching the show if she did.

Also, while I appreciate a blackout episode full of action, I don’t love how GOD DAMNED DARK this episode was. I felt like it hurt my eyes it was so freakin’ dark.

Hi, welcome to Your Grandma Recaps Agents of SHIELD.

So, Yo-Yo didn’t seem upset enough when her shitty ass friend Maria rejects her for being outed as Inhuman—but, being upset wouldn’t really fit her personality, I guess. But, get it together Maria. Also, her and Mack need to take the god damned ticket and bone already. Or, cut the crap, and drop the sexual tension bullshit.

Also, Daisy left Ghost Rider because his brother was mean and like, ::groan::. But, to be fair, that plot was wearing very thin very quickly. As is the whole Daisy Gone Rogue plot. As is the possible plotline they're hinting at reusing of Daisy Can't Control her Powers (or use them without hurting herself).

I’m glad this episode set us up for a new possible Big Bad with this pretend-Inhuman-terrorist group. I also felt torn about the ending. I loved seeing SHIELD made public again, but I immediately felt annoyed thinking about how the movies might still not ever address this because why would they ever bother addressing the TV shows? But, if they do that’d be swell, ya know?

And what was with the dust encrusted Inhuman dude?

The good: A lot of Yo-Yo!
The medium: The Director bringing SHIELD back, officially
The bad: May laying down the entire episode

Grade: Iron Man 3 (fun with a big ending but still could maybe be better)

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on October 12, 2016

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