Agents of SHIELD Recap: "Meet the New Boss" (and some new spooky ghosts)

“This room does it seem…”

“…like it was decorated by someone who needs to unclench?”

So, the spooky ghost is back. As is the handsome ghost, Ghost Rider.

I appreciated that the new Director, Jeffrey Mace, was finally given a name so we don’t have to endure another episode of everyone awkwardly saying “The Director.” I also liked him being annoyingly nice and positive. And Coulson giving a tour of the SHIELD facility to politicians and talking about special favorite Peggy Carter.

Also, did we get Coulson’s, "Most people know the legend of Peggy Carter. But there are so many stories that were never recorded” line? Basically, he was looking at the screen and saying, “YOU MONSTERS CANCELED AGENT CARTER!”

Ghost Rider and Daisy have some really good chemistry but I wish they could just get along. And not even in a “I have a lot of feelings” kind of way—cause, sure, yeah, I do but I think they’d make a great superhero duo. And them constantly fighting just seems a little forced. So, let’s hope after this episode, they become the badass crime fighting duo they’ve been begging to become since they first shared a scene together. And Daisy is a likeable character but not a likeable brooding character. Daisy started out as the Whedon-y Kitty Pryde/Willow hybrid character that you were almost being forced to like, and last season she seemed to peak and her likeability finally didn’t seem forced—she was sarcastic, could hold her own in the field, and was finally in control of her powers.

But, let’s talk about the new Director—his reveal was actually pretty awesome, right? I Gay Gasped when May’s attack did nothing and he said he was an Inhuman. It felt very X-Men-y and I know we’ll never see the X-Men in the MCU (at least not anytime remotely soon), so I’ll take what I can get. It rivalved his reveal as a weird, albeit uptight Nice Guy.

And then there’s all those ghosts: their storyline is clearly going to be a longer one. May is now infected (and I hated seeing her freaking out at the end of the episode) with whatever ghost virus they transmit and they seem to be gearing up for some master plan/plot device. I’m feeling very “so what who cares” about these ghosts—especially since Ghost Rider and Daisy walked in and saved Mack and Fitz from one fairly easily. But we shall see, I guess.

Also also, did we catch them using “incorporeal” to describe the ghosts? I literally learned that word during Buffy season 7.

The good:  The Director
The medium:  these other ghosts
The bad: does this ghost virus just make people see everyone else as weird skull-faces? Cause that doesn’t seem like the worst thing.

Grade: Daredevil season 1 (good action but not enough happening but still, ya know, good)

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on September 28, 2016

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