Agents of SHIELD Recap: 'Lockup' (The One Where May Kicks Ass Again)

Last Time on AoS: "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire" (Flaming Skull vs Flaming Chain)

“Lucy and the whole Peanuts gang!”

A good ghost origin story. Kinda. The ghosts were clearly meant for more than just infecting May and giving her that dumb side-plot where she laid down a lot. We have a lot of villains with Big Bad potential right now—these ghosts, the Watchdogs, the new Director maybe?

It'd been so long since we had a good action-y fight-filled episode and this episode did delivered. As soon as May jumped on the desk and kicked the infected Warden in the face I was in. I even legit yelled “YASS” when all the prisoners were let out. Daisy locking herself in the cafeteria with the prisoners, however, was really fucking stupid. I get that she’s afraid of losing another teammate/friend but…May is literally the best fighter on the team. Don’t lock her OUT of the room with the blood-thirsty prisoners unless you’re a better fight, ya know? It was suicidal which, I guess, was the point—since that’s exactly what may said to Daisy once they rescued her.

The Katrina Pierson-trump-surrogate character debating with the Director with George Stephanopoulos (lulz) as the moderator was great. That character felt almost too on the nose, but like, every Trump-parody kinda is, right? Looking forward to her telling the Director why he needs to make SHIELD great again.

Ghost Rider finding out he and his brother were a hired job will probably come back to his uncle, right? And him letting his uncle get kidnapped by the ghosts will maybe make him realize he needs to be better at being part of a team…right?

May’s talk with Daisy about Lincoln and rejoining the team was the talk we all needed to see. I’m so happy Daisy is back on the team. We all knew it’d happen but, it was still nice to see.

Also, what the hell is the Director’s new secret? And how great was it seeing Simmons tell the Director she knew he was lying?


The good:  Simmons shit eating grin after saying, “A team that trusts is a team that triumphs”
The bad: Ghost Rider letting his uncle get captured

Grade: Daredevil season 1 (A+ fights)

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