Agents of SHIELD Recap: "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire" (Flaming Skull vs Flaming Chain)

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"Now you can get back to Lone Ranger-ing or whatever it is you've been doing"

It was nice seeing Daisy go to Simmons for help. Seeing them together made me happy. It was cute—and Daisy really does need to cut her "Lone Ranger" crap. They’re team-up was the best part of the episode.

So, we see Coulson and Mack finally encounter Ghost Rider. I know they’re secret agents and Coulson loves cars and such, but I really felt like Ghost Rider would’ve been able to out-race them in his fancy demon drag racing car that can sometimes shoot flames. But, Coulson beating Ghost Rider was a win for all of us. It forced him to join up with our beloved agents.

"Are you mad?"
"No, I'm just a scientist."

I also loved Agent May and Aida getting along, even though they were a bit ham-fisted with the robot jokes. It felt so silly but so fun to watch. I hope May and her stay buds even after she finds out Aida isn’t a real person. Maybe they could even go on missions together! Who could know!

Hellfire and Ghost Rider fighting was everything I wanted to see from Ghost Rider. The fight was awesome—and it being set in a storage unit was pretty great too. Hellfire’s double-cross didn’t seem to fit in with what happened with him last season, as Daisy pointed out, but so what who cares. He was a reason for Daisy and Ghost Rider to finally come together with SHIELD, so it worked. Also, how cool was it seeing Ghost Rider grab Hellfire’s fire-chain? Hopefully he keeps it.

So, the episode ended with Daisy and Ghost Rider, for now, teaming up with SHIELD because of a book. Ghost Rider has said all season he made a “Deal with the devil” to become Ghost Rider and, well, it seems to be centered around this book. The same book those god damned ghosts are looking for.

And, while this all feels very season 2, I’m very into the idea of every character, good and bad, racing to find this book. Also, side note, I’m so glad Simmons knew right away about Aida. She’s definitely too smart for that shit.

This episode felt like the start of a new arc that could be really great.

The good: Ghost Rider vs Hellfire!
The medium: Ghost Rider’s demon car beaten by Lola
The bad: honestly, nothing?

Grade: Daredevil season 1

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