Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Good Samaritan (The Ghosts Get Backstories)

Last Time on AoS: Lockup (The One Where May Kicks Ass Again)

All the ghosts finally got a back story! And the backstories we got were pretty great. Robbie and Gabe’s backstory was kinda emotional. Gabe has handled their attack a lot better than Robbie has, clearly. Robbie let his guilt become the biggest part of him once he made that deal with the Devil/the other Ghost Rider—who was like, totally Johnny Blaze, right? Or maybe it’s secretly Nicholas Cage…

The Director and Simmons being at odds is maybe one of the more interesting subplots going on right now. Her saying, “don’t” to him when he’s trying to give her his cheesy-ass motto was so perfect. Although, I can’t tell if I trust him or not, which is totally the point of his character.

“Everybody loves Han Solo” was such a good line. The entire Star Wars back and forth was so good. It felt very Whedon-y and perfect. I wish we’d gotten more of how Coulson and the Director met so we could better understand their relationship. But I’m sure we’ll get a flashback at some point.

May’s deadpan while video chatting with Fitz was so perfect. It was genuinely hilarious and everything I love about May. Fitz yells at all the agents coming into his office and May just says, “Feel better?”

Ghost Rider fighting the new Director was kinda awesome. The Director has been grinding my gears for a while now—I know he’s supposed to, but still. It was good to see him get his ass kicked. Although, I wish Ghost Rider had just knocked him out rather than nearly punching him to death until his brother stopped him.

It felt weird seeing Lucy burn up as we learn that Robbie’s uncle, who he is on his way to save, was the one who killed her. I mean, she’s become pretty shitty since being turned into a ghost—but, she was put there by his uncle. And it was her husband who hired the guy who attacked Robbie and his brother, not her. And they were supposed to attack his shitty uncle—but whatever, I’m sure Robbie/Ghost Rider will do a LOT of brooding once he finds out the truth about his uncle.

This episode was full of flashbacks and secrets and ended with lots of cliffhangers. Where was Simmons sent by Director Mace? Where did Coulson, Ghost Rider, and Fitz go? What powers does Morrow (Robbie/Ghost Rider’s Uncle) have now?

This episode felt like a great convergence of all our current plots but still gave us a lot of cliffhangers. Which is great because now I’m stoked for the next episode!

Also, was it just me, or was Mack lookin' extra hot this episode?

The Good: “Sounds a little Fox News to me”—even Coulson has no time for this election.
The Medium:  Director Mace
The Bad:  Not enough May

Grade: Seriously, this show has hit a stride that it hasn’t had in a long time so I don’t even have a funny grade. These last few episodes have been absolute top shelf.

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