Agents of SHIELD Recap: "The Ghost" (can get it)

Daisy, Coulson, May, and the crew are back for what’s being called a much “darker” season. Last we saw our cartoon pals, Daisy had gone rogue (and dressed in clothes my dad might refer to as "edgy") after Lincoln’s death and SHIELD got a new, unnamed director. The big news for this season has been all about Jason O'Mara being cast as The Director (whose name hasn’t been revealed yet) and Gabriel Luna being cast as the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider. Exciting! New characters, right?


But I still love this show and these characters so, I was looking forward to the show coming back. And, sure, I thought I’d maybe be able to get into Ghost Rider even though I don’t care about the character. Spoilers ahead for the season 4 premiere...

“It’s classified”

“Everything is these days”

This episode starts with Daisy in, thankfully, her regular SHIELD uniform but wearing thick, dark eye shadow with her nails painted black to let us know she’s still going rogue. Which like, is a stupid thing because I paint my nails black and I’m most definitely not going rogue—I’m pretty much he opposite of “going rogue,” I just sit on the couch a lot and sometimes go to happy hour. This plotline will quickly become exhausting—we all know she has to rejoin SHIELD, so just take the ticket and have her rejoin already.

So, Ghost Rider, AMIRITE? That opening scene with him was pretty cool, effects and all. It made me actually feel interested in Ghost Rider’s story. Having a character like this is great—he has the potential to crossover into the Netflix shows (or ::GASP:: even the movies but like, I ain’t gonna hold my breath for that one). It also doesn’t hurt that the actor playing him happens to be pretty hot. I think, at the very least, we can all agree this version of Ghost Rider is already way better than Nicholas Cage’s version. The Ex Machina-esque sex robot, created by Dr. Radcliffe, however…and it is a sex robot, right? Like, why else would it be naked? The robot was not my favorite.

It was also great to see Yo-Yo coming back, she’s quickly becoming one of the best characters on the show. How great was it seeing her again? How great was it seeing her working with Daisy? I’m not into her forced romance with Mack. And also, where the hell is Joey?

And that first scene with Agent May was kinda setting up a possible storyline around her one-shot 616 comic book, right? Where she gets her own team and then they all die? Or maybe not. Either way, I like the idea of May getting her own team and a possible plotline where she’s in charge. But, I’m definitely not that into the team still being mostly split up. And definitely not happy with everyone taking a page from the LOST characters and all lying to each other because that worked so well for everyone on LOST.

This whole episode felt like se up. Well, it didn’t just feel like set up—it was a set up for the season. And Ghost Rider’s reveal at the end with his brother gave me major Punisher vibes. I’m looking forward to where this season will take us and for Ghost Rider to take his shirt off when he’s not on fire.

Also, what the hell was that ghost (which was the actual ghost the episode title was probably referencing) in the box that's now haunting Agent May?

The good: everything Ghost Rider
The medium: everything Daisy
The bad: WHY DID THEY KEEP SAYING “The Director” INSTEAD OF JUST SAYING HIS NAME (because they want a reveal episode, that’s why—BUT STILL UGH)

Grade: Iron Man 2 (it was fine)

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on September 22, 2016

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