Agents of SHIELD Recap: Deals with our Devils (Aida Saves the Day)

Last Time on AoS: The Good Samaritan (The Ghosts get backstories)

It feels like forever since we've gotten a new SHIELD episode — but, for all three of you that read these, we're back!

"…Coulson came back from the dead, Fitz pulled Simmons through space through a rock, and Robbie’s head lights on fire"

Daisy’s line (and delivery) was perfect — she's right about how absurd the antics SHIELD gets up to but also in explaining why the crew shouldn't be such Debbie Downers about the whole "everyone disappearing" thing. There weren't any bodies, so they shouldn't assume they're dead. Even when there is a body, it's usually fixable (see: Coulson in The Avengers).

"Get in loser, we're going shopping"

Mack becoming the new Ghost Rider was a little Plot Device-y, but whatever. I was legit worried it'd stick and we'd lose Mack. The whole plot of this episode was fun but felt like a big distraction from the ongoing storyline this season. Eli was just introduced as our Big Bad in the prior episode (FROM LIKE A MONTH AGO) and then we got one short scene of him escaping in this episode? And that was it from our newly revealed Big Bad?

While the episode did take-off a bit once we saw Coulson, Robbie, and Fitz's sepia-toned perspectives, it still felt too removed from the immediate story. The car chase scene was fun, but again, the whole Mack as Ghost Rider felt too dumb to be anything more than a one episode thing.

Aida doin' a thing

But, how nice was it to see Aida come through? I barely understood what she was doing it as I was watching her do it, but it sure looked cool. Her first appearance was very sex-robot-Ex-Machina vibes, but now she's got more going-to-cause-the-robot-uprising-Ex-Machina vibes — which I'm into. It was cool seeing Simmons interact with that shitty Trump's-cabinet-esque Senator's brother and then getting carted away. Are we gonna get more Inhumans now that the show has been announced?

I didn't love, however, the weirdly forced May-Coulson OTP moments? Either they felt too forced or maybe Ming-Na, who I FUCKING LOVE, wasn't really selling me on it? I dunno, we'll see.

These Mission Impossible goggles gotta go, May

But, TBF, I barely like Fitz-Simmons as a couple (sorry, maybe a little sorry). So, was Daisy leaving for good at the end? Because I think we need to cut her "going rogue" crap.

The Good: Aida!
The Medium: The Mad Max Fury Road-esque music played during the car chase
The Bad: Daisy saying she knows Coulson, Fitz, and Ghost Rider/Robbie aren't dead because she has "a feeling" (I legit rolled my eyes)
Grade: Avengers: Age of Ultron

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