14 Action Figures Every Queer Nerd Should Own


Growing up a gay geek, I didn’t have a lot of LGBT options when it came to my action figures. As a gay geek adult-who-still-collects-action-figures-and-doesn’t-want-anyone-to-touch-them, I still don’t have a lot of LGBT options when it comes to my action figures. But, there are a few—and I own most of them—so, I put together this list for you (and as an excuse for me to photograph my action figures). 


(1) Northstar (from Alpha Flight and X-Men)

Everyone’s favorite out gay mutant! He came in a two-pack with his twin sister, Aurora. They were released with the old Toy Biz line of 5-inch Marvel action figures. It was kinda towards the end when, after releasing nearly every single weird character you could think of, they decided to finally release action figures of Alpha Flight. We sadly still haven’t gotten any new Northstar action figures since—but he is planned to be released this year as part of the Marvel 3.75’ line.


(2) Captain Jack Harkness (from Doctor Who and Torchwood)

One of the best Doctor Who characters (who deserved to be in the 50th Anniversary episode)—he’s gotten a few figures but this one is my personal favorite. WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN HIM ON DOCTOR WHO SINCE SEASON 4!? Like, I know we’re here to have fun and talk about action figures but I’m still bitter about that…sigh. Anyway, this action figure is great and looks a lot like the handsome Mr. Barrowman himself.


(3) Tara (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Your second favorite lesbian witch! They released four different Tara figures—all of them were just repaints of the same mold but, of course, I have all of them. My favorite is the figure from the episode Triangle. But, there was also an adorable (and very oddly progressive considering the time) two-pack of Tara and Willow from Hush along with a Miss Kitty Fantastico. Okay, let’s stop—I’m getting emotional.


(4) Wiccan (from Young Avengers)

Wiccan is one of the best gay heroes to come out of the Marvel Universe. He's a total babe especially when drawn by uber-babe Jamie McKelvie. This figure came in a Young Avengers 4-pack. Sadly, there was no Kate Bishop figure—and this 4-pack came out before we had the wonderful America Chavez join the team…but, we did, however, get Wiccan’s wonderful boyfriend…


(5) Hulkling (from Young Avengers)

Because you can’t have Wiccan without Hulkling. You can’t keep them apart, you monster!


(6) Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Your favorite lesbian witch! They’ve released a wonderfully absurd amount of Willow action figures and most of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures have ridiculously accurate likenesses. But, this season 4 Willow is the haircut she has when she meets Tara and eventually comes out. So, yeah, this one (until you get to the end of this list and I cheat and have a 2nd Willow).


(7) Ianto Jones (from Torchwood)

Poor Ianto Jones. Sigh. Captain Jack’s wonderful boyfriend. RIP, babyboy.


(8) Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series)

Listen, I’m not happy with how much JK Rowling keeps adding things to the Harry Potter universe, years after she’s finished writing the books—I mean, think of the impact Dumbledore could’ve had on young kids if he’d been out IN THE FREAKIN’ BOOKS. But, well, here we are. Also, this figure looks exactly like actor Michael Gambon.


(9) Constantine (from DC Comics)

He’s bisexual and he’s a total fucking babe. This figure is oddly handsome and kinda vaguely anime looking. I’m really into it.


(10) Daken (from X-Men)

Wolverine’s bisexual son is a total babe. But, I’m a sucker for a dude with a mohawk. They made a masked and unmasked version and the unmasked version shows off his stellar mohawk—so that’s the one you need. Duh.


(11) Midnighter (from The Authority)

He was the Image Comics answer to Batman—and now he’s part of the DC universe and I don’t quite understand how the New 52 works but I’m excited to start reading his new comic. When he and Apollo first kissed in the pages of The Authority it was such a big deal for me. Northstar didn’t have his first on-panel same-sex kiss until nearly 20 years after coming out—Apollo and Midnighter didn’t wait that long. Speaking of Apollo…


(12) Apollo (from The Authority)

While Midnighter was the Batman, Apollo was the Superman—but they’re both really really fucking badass. They’ve saved the world countless times, gotten married, and adopted a kid. Apollo and Midnighter have zero time for your shit.


(13) Captain John Hart (from Torchwood)

Remember that time Spike from Buffy showed up on Torchwood and then madeout with Captain Jack Harkness and it was really really hot? Good times.


(14) Vampire Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

“That's horrible! That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and...skanky. And I think I'm kinda gay.” 


Honorable Mentions: Batwoman (she’s literally only not on this list because I never found this figure and now she’s going for $50 on Amazon and who can afford that), Shatterstar (he had two VERY 90s figures from the Toy Biz 5-inch Marvel line and those shoulder pads are a little much for me), Xena Warrior Princess (she actually had her own line of action figures), Mystique (she’s only officially come out of the closet recently—but I’m not too keen on any of her figures), Kennedy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m one of 3 people who don’t her), and Black Canary from Arrow (I don’t watch this show but she’s an out character with an action figure, so that’s something).

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