Tim Daly, known to survivors of late-80s and 90s tv from the sitcom Wings, may have a second career among DC fans as the voice of the animated Superman, but you may not know that he and his VERY interestingly gingerish son, Sam, also have an enjoyably silly web series called "The Daly Show" (get it?). 

In February's episode 7, "The Daly Superheroes," Sam is concerned about his father's increasingly eccentric behavior and enlists the help of friends Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, also my future husband) and Michael Rosenblum (Smallville) to get through to him. Hi-jinks ensue.

It's pretty damn funny, and a party that, frankly, I would like to get in on. 

*Sigh* Nathan Fillion is right up there at the very tip-top of the queer geek crush pyramid and anyone who says he isn't hasn't seen this episode of Firefly.

[SPOILER!] I very nearly had a heart attack when he undid his belt. Enjoy!

on March 7, 2012