What’s Hot at FlameCon (Day 2)

The time has finally come for FlameCon 2! With two days crammed full of goodies, you may be wondering where to go and what to see. Well look no further! Below are some of the many events happening Saturday, August 20 that you might want to attend to stoke your fire.

You can also follow the con on the Convene App or go to FlameCon.org, so you always know what’s coming up next.


Opening Ceremony!


Queercopia! Watch queer creators show off their new comics in fast-paced presentations and live readings!


Breaking the Rules of Teen Lit Our distinguished group of presenters (Michael Barakiva, Alison Cherry, Laurent Linn, & Bill Wright) tackle how young adult novels are not only breaking taboos on themes (including queer ones) but also on author/reader interaction through social media.


Pride and the X-Men The panel (legendary Chris Claremont, Tana Ford, Phil Jiminez, & Josh Siegel) discuss the cultural impact that X-Men had in the 80s, and why so many queer fans were drawn to the team. Alternate: Worlds Better than Our Own” Aria Baci, Soman Chainani Alex London, & Steve Orlando discuss how young adult sci-fi and comics explore speculative social change and how it impacts queer identity.


Fantastic Queers and Where to Find Them Amazing authors Nicole Brinkley, Zoriada Cordova, Justina Ireland, James Tynion IV, & Jenny Wood talk about queer fantastical young adult lit. Alternate: Cosplay Contest!


Heroes on TV: Do I See Me? Heather Hogan, Krutika Mallikarjuna, Jill Pantozzi, Suzana Polo, & Joey Stern discuss how genre TV shows should be leading the way for diversity in our entertainment.

And make sure to check in throughout the weekend for coverage of everyone’s favorite con: FlameCon!

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on August 21, 2016