Rat Queens take GLAAD Media Award


Recently, fan favorite comic title Rat Queens was given the honor of this year’s GLAAD media award, beating out Lumberjanes, Memetic, Saga, and Hawkeye (read up on each here).


While this isn’t the first time that a title outside of the Big Two (Marvel and DC) has one, this year’s winner has queer characters front-and-center.

The lesbian “Halfling” (think copyright-free Hobbit) Betty has had plenty of time in the spotlight including epically cute scenes of her spooning a love interest.


Although presumably straight, dwarven badass Violet defies gender stereotypes of her people by shaving off her beard. Parallels to gender-queer people become apparent with a touching flashback between Violet and her mother.



Finally, Braga—a transgender orcen character from a rival team—is getting time in the limelight with a soon-to-be-released one-shot that details her transition from male to female.


So if you haven’t done so already, go order volume one of Rat Queens. Then wait until next month and buy volume two (out May 19th)!