Lego Avengers: Queerest Game There Is!

I’ll admit it: I’m a HUGE Lego game fan. In fact, after a long day at work, there’s nothing more enjoyable than turning on my console for some low stress, risk-free gaming, where the points don’t matter and you never have to worry about extra lives.

That being said, the newest game in the Lego franchise Lego Marvel Avengers—was almost one I passed up. Having thoroughly enjoyed the previous Marvel installment—Lego Marvel Superheroes—for its expansive cast and un-recycled plotlines, the thought of working my way through the Marvel movies was less than appealing.

However, I’m glad I caved and bought it, because I was treated to an unexpected surprise: a minor cast of queer characters. In fact, with a total of almost 200 characters, it turns out that about 5% of them would fall under the queer umbrella!

So, without further ado, here are the Top 11 Queer Characters that help make Lego Avengers the queerest Lego game yet!


11. Loki

As revealed in Young Avengers vol 3, Loki would most likely fall under the term pansexual, although he eschews mortal labels.

10. Valkyrie (Brunhilde)

The Asgardian warrior woman began a relationship with a mortal woman in The Fearless Defenders but has also dated men. Per Loki, she probably doesn’t take mortal labels into account.

9. Moondragon (Heather Douglass)


This telepathic powerhouse was in a relationship with fellow Guardian of the Galaxy, Phyla-Vell. Although there were many cosmic characters in LMA (including fellow weilder of the cosmic bands, Quasar), sadly, Phyla didn’t make the cut.


8. Protector (Noh-Varr)


While he has gone by many names, this Kree warrior raised eyebrows in Young Avengers when he hinted to his girlfriend that Kree seem to encourage sexual experimentation among their ranks (and that he had done so himself).


7. America Chavez


Our favorite kick-ass Latina—who not only had lesbian mothers but is lesbian herself—was actually one of the first promo images released for LMA. I couldn’t think of a better poster child!


6. & 5. Union Jack & the Mighty Destroyer


While this may be reaching, hear me out. The second person to take up the Union Jack mantle (Brian Falsworth) & and the Mighty Destroyer (Roger Aubrey) were hinted at being lovers after Falsworth died. Although someone straight has since taken over UJ, the costume color changed slightly (from navy blue to blackish), while the game costume (blue) is the color that Falsworth wore. Reunited, and it feels SO good!


4. & 3. Lightspeed & Striker


 No, Julie Powers & Brandon Sharpe are not a couple. However, their coming out stories are closely tied together to their mutual time in Avengers Academy. And Julie gets the win for gayest visual since rainbows trail after her when she runs or flies in the game.


2. & 1. Wiccan & Hulkling


The best surprise in the game was with the characters of Billy Kaplan & Teddy Altman. Although LMA is marketed towards children and therefore would never be overt about the relationship between the two young men, the game developers slipped in something special.

Both times that the teens are pictured, they are by each other’s side. They dialogue with each other. They share personal jokes. This is done with NO OTHER COUPLES in the entire game. Ant-Man and Wasp, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, NONE of them are shown together in the game world (much less interacting). Even Jessica Jones and Luke Cage—who have a child together—aren’t on screen at the same time. There’s even a side mission where Jessica talks about her baby, Danielle, by name, but NEVER mentions Luke.

While I might be beating a dead horse, the fact that this couple is pictured together, interacting is a big deal. And it’s a big deal particularly because LMA is a game that will allow kids access to some of their future, favorite, fabulous queer characters (just don’t tell One Million Moms, okay?).

So if you were on the fence like I was, consider going out and supporting this game. How many opportunities (outside of Cons) are there to play as your favorite queer superhero?


What do you think? Which queer characters do you hope make it into the next inevitable installment? Put in your two cents in the comments below.

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