Geeks OUT LOUD Ep. 2: Of Hook Books and New Looks

In the second dramatic installment of the premiere nerd podcast for the GLBT community, hosts Jono "Jono" Jarrett and Graham "Graham" Nolan (@grahamnolan) discuss a bevy of topics you'll love, whether you're into bi or scifi. The hot topics this time around...

  • WHO RUN THE WORLD: The new Defenders book and a new X-Men title book show a trend towards all-female groups. Does this "spice" things up, or is it scary, baby?
  • HOOK IT: What comics should you give to your gay friends if you want to lure them into the lurid world of nerdery? The guys each suggest a couple books to turn the leary queeries.
  • DO WE HAVE TIME FOR A MONTAGE: In the New 52 and Marvel NOW, who got the best overs? Imagine if a Jenny Jones makeover episode had a Watcher in the audience, and you're basically visualizing this conversation the right way.


Plus, tips for suicide prevention and what to do once you've stuck a 10-sided die in your body cavity! ONLY WE UNDERSTAND GLBT NERD PROBLEMS.

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