Geeks OUT Launches Kickstarter to Create a Queer History Dinner Handbook

January 4, 2017
Geeks OUT Launches Kickstarter To Create a Queer History Dinner Handbook

For Pride 2017, go beyond the rainbow flag with a fun, unique celebration of LGBTQ history. [Serving Pride: The Handbook For Your Queer History Dinner Party](http://, from the nonprofit Geeks OUT, will be a fun, inclusive, community-oriented book helping friends, family, and loved ones to learn our story together.

In the model of the Passover Haggadah, Serving Pride will guide a group of dinner guests through a ritual meal where LGBTQ history is retold through readings, songs, games, recipes, and artwork. The book will include tales of everything from the Daughters of Billitis to the Stonewall riots, to United States v. Windsor, and beyond.

Serving Pride will be will be fully illustrated by some of today's most amazing queer artists, and will contain original songs and recipes to make the evening as fun and delicious as it will be informative.

In addition to the full-color book, we will make Serving Pride available as a free printable PDF, so it (and the gatherings it inspires) will always been affordable to people who want to celebrate queer history — and so crafty types can build their own unique creations.

We want everyone to be able to get a copy of Serving Pride in time for Pride 2017, which begins in June. 

What do we need to do this? $9,500.

• $4,500 to cover the printing and shipping
• $2,000 for artwork
• $1,500 to hire a researcher
• $1,000 for pre-press and copy editing
• $500 for Kickstarter fees

We hope the Serving Pride dinner party will become a colorful new tradition in every queer household, where we can all raise a glass to those who have fought for our freedoms, knowing that, while their work may not be finished, their legacies continue to inspire us.

Please, help us get funded!