Flame Con 2017 Guest Announcements

If you haven’t bought your Flame Con 2017 tickets yet we have 3 exciting reasons why you should lock in your tickets now! Flame Con will heat up your August with tons of tables, talks, and other fun events guaranteed to give you geek sweats but these 3 guests may give you a full on fever. None other than Aimee Fleck, Phil Jimenez, and Jay Justice will be at Flame Con 2017!!!

Illustrator and writer Aimee Fleck runs Bad Influence Press, a small fandom publisher whose latest project RAW: A Hannibal/Will Fanthology features illustrations, comics and prose fiction by over 50 creators. Her work in comics includes Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy, Bee and Puppycat, and Lumberjanes. Aimee’s book Damn Girl That Style Is Fat is a guide to help full figured women develop their own fashions.

Artist and writer Phil Jimenez has worked on dozens of titles for DC and Marvel, including Wonder Woman, New X-Men, Fairest, Savage Wolverine, The Invisibles, JLA/TeenTitans, and his own creationOtherworld. Phil has been a proud and outspoken LGBTQ advocate representing queer voices in the comics industry for 25 years since publicly coming out in 1992 in the pages of DC's Tempest. He recently completed a critically acclaimed run on Superwoman.

Costumer, cosplayer, actress and activist Jay Justice has designed and constructed over 70 handmade costumes, including the cosplay variant cover for Marvel's A-Force #1. She is an outspoken LGBTQ and disability advocate dedicated to making fandom and comic cons a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for everyone