Supernatural Recap: "The Things They Carried"

Whew, that little hiatus felt so long! But don't worry, Supernatural is back for new epsiodes and on a new night. This week's episode was a seriously creepy and even more seriously gross, so welcome back!

We start with one of the scarier cold open's I've seen in a while, as a woman hangs upside down as an unknown assailant approches then drains all her blood into a bucket. Ew. Back in the bunker Sam is still researching the Mark of Cain, even though Dean has given up hope for a cure, when Dean himself comes in to alert Sam to the case. before you can say screen wipe they're in the Impala where Sam is engrossed with his phone (probably texting Cas about Dean) and Dean again reminded his bro that there's nothing he can do. Poor Sam.

Their first stop is the local police station, where they learn the perpetrator has already been discovered and subsequently killed himself. Turns out he was a soldier, which there are many of in this military town. The boys get a bit of info on the dead guy/murderer's wife before they head out. Oh, and Dean gets a little taste of cake. It;s so funny, twice this season we've seen Dean enjoying cake as much as his usual pie. Is this some sort of foreshadowing for him finally learning to accept his love of Cas more openly? I hope so.

Our boys head off an interview the wife of the killer, who is holding a cute baby and admits that her hubby came back from his last deployment 'different.' Now, this wasn't just PTSD, it was drinking an entire bathrub of water different. Uh Oh. And it sounds like her friend Gemma's husband was o the same mission and is also missing. Not good. Off to Gemma's. There, unsurprisingly the boys learn that Gemma's husband, Kit, also came back from the super secret mission messed up...and he's disappeared as well. Not good.

The boys are leaving Gemma and Kit's when a farmilir butt (because Dean kicked it twice) is sitting outside on the Impala. Yup. It's Cole! Your remember him, right? Dean killed his dad and Cole tried to kill demona dn human Dean but had a change of heart after a nice, angsty speech. Well, it turns out Kit is Cole's bestie and he's not gonna let the Winchesters hunt his friend. He offrs his help and supervision which the boys grudginly accept. Though they warn Cole his friend may have changed.

The boys and Cole enjoy diner (because the audience won't) and discuss the case. Everything is a dead end until Cole gets a special videp from one of his military contacts (remember, Cole is a marine). Looks like Kit and his compatriot tried to rescue a guy in a cemetery in Iraq and instead were infected by...something. Cue Kit. He busts into a Gas n' Sip and starts chugging all the water while two appaled clerks try to stop him. Of course wehen appaled Clerk #1 gets physical, Kit attacks him and starts licking his blood up off the floor. Again, another super creepy scene in an already creepy episode. 

THe boys are at the scene of the grossness when Cole, now convinced that this is a Winchester problem and scared his friend may die, gets a frantic call from Gemma. She suggests the Kit may be at a cabin in the woods (because othing bad ever happens in those!) and Cole makes up an excuse to go there without Sam and Dean. The follow of course, but not fast enough. When Cole gets to the Cabin, Kit is there freaking out and thristy for more blood. He attacks Cole just as the boy arrive..and they get to see why Kit is messed up as a few Khan Worms or at least their creepy cousins crawl out of Kit's mouth. Say it with me again: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww." One worm gets smooshed by a boot but another gets into Cole and Kit bolts.

The boys decide they'll split up. Sam will go after Kit and Dean will stay behind with Cole to try the only thing that worked on the worms last time the encountered them (waaay back in season 6): electrocution. Sounds like a plan. Unfortunately it doesn't really work. But hey, the also figure out that if the worm is thirsty, they should dehydrate Cole to drive it out. Sweat lodge time.

Sam lerns this as he's on his way to Gemma's and poor Gemma is learning her husband is not okay when she finds him at their house drinking the flower water. Sam intervenes in time to save her from Kit's crazy thirst and retrain the guy. He then begins the long "monsters are real" story so he can explain things to Gemma.

Back at the Cabin, Cole is sweating up a storm and not looking good at all. Dean on the other hand remains layered and delicious. at least Dan and Cole have a nice talk about Cole's dad. Well, not really nice. Cole begins to understand that his dad wasn't his dad and had to die...and he's seriously afraid that will happen to him. But he does understand and respect what the boys d. Of course, then Dean starts drinking water in fron of Cole. Silly boy. Cole distracts him with some choice flirting...

And then attacks! We then have some pretty great simulataneous fighting as Kit breaks free over with Sam and Cole and Dean continue their battle of wills against Cole's thirst for Dean's...blood. Yes, blood...The fights have two very different outcomes. Sam is left with no choice but to kill Kit, even though Cole had wanted so much for it to be possible to save his friend. Dean however learns that Cole's gag reflex is well intact as they grapple and the Kahn Worm finally slithers out of Cole's mouth. (Again: EEEEEEEEWWWWWW). Bug is smushed and at least one life is saved.

We end the episode with Cole glad to be going home to his family (and hoping to vener see the boys again) but Sam incredibly bummed he couldn't save Kit. The implication being that Sam can't save Dean either, even if he does everything right...Uh oh.

Don't worry, Sammy. It will be okay! Actually, probably won't.

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Well, not much here except for Dean's sudden love of cake after loving pie so long. Things between Dean and Cole got pretty sweaty though. Can we call them "Dole?"

Next week: Killer nuns! The best kind!