Supernatural Recap: "Girls, Girls, Girls"

I’ve got to say, so far season ten is on a role! Episode seven was packed with emotion, great characters, twists and feels. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Withcy Woman

We cold open on a woman, running through a generic alley. She's not running from a monster, though. It's a prostitute running from a violent pimp trying to force her back into work. Luckily, the gal manages to stab him in the eyes...unluckily, it turns out he IS a monster. Well, a demon. Who snaps her neck. Not so good.

In the meantime, Sam and Dean are enjoying some quality steak and Dean is enjoying some quality raunchy texts from "Shaylene" on a dating/hook up app he's downloaded. Sam is accordingly appalled by his brother (it’s okay, Sammy, we’re with you) especially when Shaylene is an actual hottie, not a trucker from Canada.

Of course she's a hooker, as Dean quickly learns. Dean, gentleman he is, has a "no cash for ass" code. This is fine with Shaylene, who will happily take his soul instead! This understandably gets an eyebrow raise from Dean. Seems like there’s a ring of hookers are in the soul business now. And it looks pretty miserable.

Demon pimp comes by just to be trapped by the Winchesters. He spouts some pretty disgusting, but sadly predictable spiel about how Sahylene came begging to him and would have been on the street without him, so Shaylene kills him. It's awesome kin a female empowerment way, but inconvenient for the hunt. Luckily he had a card on him, advertising "Raul's girls."


Cut to the den of inequity in question, where Raul (the demon that got stabbed in the eye at the beginning of the show) is about to beat up another prostitute. Thankfully, help walks in the the form a small, red headed Scottish witch (who we learn later is called Rowena). You may remember her from episode three of this season when she had a few bell hops pinned to a ceiling. Rowena tells Raul he's filth (yay!) and then kills him with a spell in one of the cooler and more disgusting demon death's we've ever seen (extra yay!). The boys are hot on the trail, arriving at the brothel to find the gooey demon that's left of Raul. The find the hex bag Rowena used and determine the demon were killed by witches.


Hungry witches! Well one. Rowena has expensive taste and takes her two new lady friends (Elle and Caitlin) of the night on the town. All it takes is a spell on the waiter so he stops complaining about the gal's sexy attire. Rowena commences to explain how she did that trick to the girls: magic.

Meanwhile, in hell: Crowley is not happy about finding out his demons were running a brothel for souls, which he finds tacky. But he's most upset about the operation going kaput in the face of a witch, who he orders captured.

Sam and Dean, meanwhile, find out that the demon-killing spell was only known by one witch - Rowena. Rowena herself is busy explaining to her new friends that there are three types of witches - those that use the power of a demon, natural witches and students who learn from "grand Coven-approved mentors." The gals are happy to learn - even though Rowena is apparently the opposite of Grand Coven approved. But they will have to learn later, because the waiter Rowena whammied just turned red and fell over dead. Oops.

Cut to a scene of a new demon being tortured by...Cole! Remember him, the guy who was after Dean earlier this season because Dean killed his dad? Who got his ass kicked by Demon!Dean? Well, he's looking for the elder Winchester and it ready to torture a demon to do it. Dundundun!

Okay, back to the sexy stuff...Well, if you consider Dean following up on the waiter death at the restaurant sexy? Well, the is cute. Nice green tie Dean. Sam was elsewhere, finding out more about witchy happenings. Turns out there have been many melted brains-ed men pinned to hotel ceilings lately. Rowena's got swanky taste, so it's time to canvass the nice hotels. 


Good instincts, boys. Cause Rowena and the gals are holed up in a suite waiting for a manger to tell them to leave so they can cast some pratice spells on him. Too bad it's Crowley's demons at the door. And too bad for them that Sam and Dean are right there to catch them as they try to haul Rowena away. The demons go down easy, but Rowena casts a spell on Elle to turn her into an attack dog. Sam takes her while Dean goes after Rowena and Caitlin. Caitlin does the feminists proud; she is not down with her friend being used as a distraction and punches out Rowena and gets the hell out of there.


Dean gets the drop on poor punched Rowena...but Cole gets the drop on Dean, allowing Rowena to escape. Poor Cole, just he explains he knows all about Dean's 'kind' now, and douses Dean with holy water...and there’s no smoke. Dean still killed Cole's father though, so, FIGHT! (At this point attack dog girl get trapped in a closet then dies trying to kill Sam (what, no, there’s no metaphors here, move along)). Eventually Dean bests Cole, holding him at gun point, and...refuses to kill him. Instead he tells Cole to give him 5 minutes to explain, and if Cole doesn't like the truth, Cole can kill him. Eeeep!

Turns out Cole's dad was a monster, the liver eating kind Dean’s never seen before or since, Dean explains. Dean tracked Cole's dad to Cole's house. Daddy had come home looking to kill...and Dean stopped him. Sam comes in at this point to save Dean but Dean convinces him to not shoot Cole and let Dean keep talking.

You see, Dean explains to Cole, his father's death was Cole's story. But those stroies can take you to dark places, it certainly did for Dean, the very darkest place. Thankfully, Dean tells him "The people I loved pulled me back from that edge." But Dean knows he's beyond saving now, he's broken and his story only ends on the blade of a knife or at the barrel of a gun (cue gross sobbing at this point). Sam steps in, reminding Cole that he has a family and can go home whole...which he does. Of course, Sam tries to talk about Dean’s nihilistic views with his brothers, but Dean just brushes it off...and it's very angsty.

If that seemed like a full episode, well, not even close, because our favorite angels has a whole story of their own this week!


Cas and Hannah’s not so excellent adventure…

Cas and Hannah, who we haven’t seen for a few episodes, are still looking for rogue angels, or at least those that won't return to heaven...They’ve got a wall of info set up in amotel, but they’re read to hit the road again. Hannah's heaven seems to be a hot shower though. Which she prepares for by stripping in front of Castiel. Which no one can blame her for, but seems to rattle Cas just a tad. Poor dear.

Later, as a squeaky clean Hannah checks out of the motel, she's accosted by a man calling her Caroline, who tracked her credit card to the motel. It seems this is the husband of Hannah's vessel, who has been looking for Caroline (the vessel) for a year! Hannah tries to explain to Joe, the husband, that he wouldn't understand why she's been gone. That's a convenient moment for Cas to pop in and for Hannah to lie and say she left Joe for Cas. Joe is incredulous, as Caroline is not that kind of person. So Hannah lays a kiss on Cas to sell it. But both she and Cas seem more upset by the kiss than anything else.

Later as they gas up, Cas pushes Hannah to talk about this. Hannah is upset for hurting Joe so much, it doesn't feel right. Castiel consoles her that the mission is worth it. They take much for their vessel. He had to take his vessel, Jimmy Novak, from his family twice, because the mission comes first. Hannah doesn't seem to agree, and bolts.


Cas finds her at a bridge overlooking a lovely stream. Hannah tells him she has to let go, sacrificing humans in the name of the mission - humans who were their original mission - isn't worth it. Hannah has been feeling human things, hungers and passions...but her pain when Joe showed up was so much worse. Everything she's been feeling is Caroline crying out to take her life back. With a sweet kiss on the cheek, Hannah bids Cas good bye and peaces out, leaving Caroline back in charge of her own body. Cas drives Caroline home and is left contemplating many a thing as he sits in his pimpmobile. He pulls a laptop and wifi out of nowhere and starts looking up...Jimmy Novak.


Oh, and then there's the other twist ending. The demons caught Rowena and she is in a cell in hell, waiting for Crowley to finish her off. As the king enters she goads him, even mocking his height a bit. Crowley only has one word to say to her though:



Shipping news:

Let’s all take a minute to bask in the fact that Dean admitted that Cas was someone who loves him.  Mmmmm….yes. Good. And also focus on the fact that these two morons are both resigned to their fates, and don’t think they deserve any real sort of life.  

Other Highlights:

Dean’s dating app profile pic.

Rowena. She’s my new favorite.

Hannah respecting her vessel’s agency.

Dean’s speech to Cole – SOB!