Supernatural Recap: "Ask Jeeves"

After last week's stellar ep, the boys are back...well, not in town, but in the regular hunting business. The problem is they can't seem to find much to hunt. Dean is stuck fixing up the Impala (he obviously still feels bad for calling Baby "Just a car" in episode 2 of this season) and Sam is biding his time procuring very tiny individually brewed coffees (glaxed donut flavor!).

Luckily for us in the audience, Dean has found the plot bunny of the week. Literally. Turns out Bobby (cue quiet sobbing accompanied by taps in the distance) got a message that he was named in the will of one Bunny LaCroix. It's worth chaecking out for the boys since it may mean some cash. They of course didn't see the cold open we did where Bunny seemingly came back from the dead and pushed one of her maids to her death. But they'll figure it out.

The boys arrive at the LaCroix estate where Phillip the butler shows them into tho meet the La Croix family. We have...well, frankly a whole mess of white people. There's Heddy, the short haired blonde WASP, Bevery her slightly drunker sister, Bunny's brother Stan and his 'child bride' Amber, and Dash, Bunny's...nephew? The cougars proceed to drool over the Winchesters.

Can you blame them? Cue some very awkward conversations.

The boys skeedaddle after being told there are ample rooms in the house that will sleep three as everyone wait for Bunny's will to be read at the end of the weekend. Phillip the butler, who seems to be a decent human except for the part where he may or may not be hiding the maid's murder - he told the crowd she left for Clown College, leaving only new maid Olivia behind - takes the boys aside and gives them what Bunny left to Bobby. It's a lovely cross, encrusted with jewels! The boys are rich!

Or not. A pawn broker tells then the stones are fake but helpfully reveals that the pendant is a key. Say it with me Supernatual Fandom: "If there's a key, there has to be a lock..." Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Amber the trophy wife and husband Stan are having it out about Amber's cheating. Or, well, she sent a peeled bannana emoji to someone? Stan storms off to the hall to see not Bunny, but her dead husband Lester...who promptly decapitates Stan. Uh oh.

The boys make it back to ask questions about the key just in time to be detained for questioning in Stan's murder by the single police officer there. Luckily this gives the family time to share Amber's crazy story: it was a ghost! The boys split up to investigate, old-school style since their tools are outside in the car. Sam doesn't make much progress, but Dean manages to figure out that the pendant-key unlocks a secret door up to the creepy, creepy attic. Where he finds: the maids! Well, one live one and one dead one. Olivia tells Dean that Phillip locked her away up there because she wouldn't lie about how Colette was killed. Not by Lester though, but by Bunny.

Dean finds Sam, playing cards with the cougars of course, and debriefs that they have not one but two vengeful spirits and the Butler may be behind it. Dean goes after the Butler and Sam goes off to investigate further. Sam ends up sidelined by older, drunker cougar who informs him that she has improved with age, like a fine cheese. Sam tells her he's lactose intolerant. Then the Moose escapes the cougar. Meanwhile, Dean - grabbing a wrench for porotection (as certain points in the episode the boys hold all the "Clue" weapons, which is a fun easter egg) - confronts Phillip. He explains he didn't want Colette's death tarnishing Bunny's memory, blah blah. You see, this is not important because Sam too has discovered Phillip as well...or at least his dead body in the kitchen! Quick text to Dean to warn him, but too late! Fake!Phillip has bolted leaving his skin behind - it's disgusting but also a clue that they're dealing with a shapeshifter, not a ghost.

Dean and Sam find Olivia, who's tagging along now and has been clued in on the whole "Monsters are real" bit. They explain that they need silver, as it is the only way to detect shifters, who could be anyone.  Dean, Sam and Olivia all touch butter knives (not as fun as it sounds) and split up to find out who's the imposter! Sammy of course gets the cougar sisters (engrossed in a dating app) who promptly sandwhich him between them on the couch, after he assures Beverley he was just playing hard to get before. The ensuing scene of Sam flirting with the ladies and feeling the up with a palm full of silver is pretty awesome.

Dean manages to find Dash and Amber making out in a closet (what, no, no symbolism here...) and awkwardly asks them to touch the silver. No reaction. Hmmm...very curious, especially considering that the investigating police officer has just been found drowned in the toilet! Not good. Everyone proceeds to freak out as the body count is now at four. The family, probably wisely, figure only the newbies have movtive to kill - since they family hates eachother, but hasn't turned to murder before - and herd Sam and Dean into the house's security office. Dash informs everyone that he's safe using a gun, he does hunt Pheasant. The family agrees that the boys are obviously murders and homosexuals. Eh, close enough.

The boys are locked up tight, with Dean trying to jimmy the lock with the silver butter knife...except it's a kind of a bendy knife! Turns out it's stainless steel made in Taiwan. Uh Oh. Looks like that's the clue for the killer to reveal herself. And of course, if it wasn't the butler, it was the maid.

Yup, Olivia is a the shifter, and not just that, she's Bunny's daughter, who had been locked up in the attic for her whole life until Phillip took mercy and let her out. GASP! Of course when he figured out she was a murderer he threw he back in. And now she's going to kill all of Bunny's ungrateful family...But not before the boys use the guns locked in with them to bust out.

Sam is the first one to arrive, shooting at Olivia and chasing her into the kitchen. Well, she actually chases him. Turns out the reason Bobby knew Bunny back in the day was he was hunting Olivia's father - the shifter that got Bunny preganant. He killed dad but let Olivia live, on the condition Bunny locked her away. Very sad, really. Sam tells her, in classic, wonderful Sam fashion, that she doesn't have to be a monster. No, Olivia disagrees, she was made into one and can't be saved. She also notices Sam isn't shooting her. He has no silver bullets...but Dean does. Turns out he has A LOT, as he shoots Olivia once, twice, a whole mess of times, his eyes looking suspiciously dark.

Cut to the next day, the boys are leaving the family to deal with the police and maybe heal a bit. But Dean reminds Dash to just forget they were there. And then of course it's time for the BM (Brother Melodrama, as you'll recall). Sam wants to talk about how Dean went a bit over the top killing Olivia. Sure, it was his first post-demon kill, Dean admit, but she just wanted to be sure. No mark of Cain doin it's thing or anything like that. Nope. Sam, like us, does not believe him, but Dean turns up the music and shuts the convo down. Uh oh.

Very light on the shipping, this ep, unless you count Sam and the cougars and pretty much everyone flusting with Dash (even Sam!)


Sam telling Dash that some families do get along, his does.

Also, Sam and the cougars - the flirting, the awkward waves, all of it was gold.

Dean calling the butler "Wadsworth" as a shout out to "Clue" the movie.

"I'm Lactose-intolerant."

"Homosexual murderers."

"I'm not the maid, I'm Bunny's daughter!" "Well, that explains the dust."